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Planning your next trip with your furry friend? Start with my FREE Pet Travel Savings Calculator! This tool is designed to help pet owners like you discover how much you can save by travelling with your pets instead of leaving them behind.

No more hefty kennel fees! With more businesses becoming pet-friendly across Australia, it’s easier than ever to bring your pets along and cut costs.

Find out how much you could sav; whether you’re going for a quick getaway or an extended adventure with one pet or more!

Why you will love the FREE Pet Travel Calculator;

  1. Cost Comparison: It calculates potential savings by comparing travel with your pet to boarding costs.
  2. Ease of Use: The calculator is user-friendly, requiring only basic information about your trip.
  3. Instant Results: It provides immediate feedback on how much you could save.
  4. Customisable Inputs: You can adjust details like the number of pets and length of stay to suit your travel plans.

Read how I was able to save $189.00 on kennel fees by bringing Murray, my late Golden Retriever on a pet adventure.

How much can you save?

Choosing between pet travel and boarding involves weighing the emotional and financial costs against logistical challenges and potential stress for your pet. Whatever choice you make, the goal is to ensure the happiness and safety of your furry friend.

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Your experience could inspire and help other pet owners make the best decision for their pets’ travel needs.

Product Description:

Planning a trip with your furry friend and not sure if it’s more cost-effective than boarding? The FREE Pet Travel Calculator is your resource to discover how to save on travel costs. Designed specifically for pet owners, this tool simplifies your planning process by showing you the financial advantages of taking your pet along on your adventures.

Pros and Cons:

When planning a trip, deciding whether to bring your pet along or opt for boarding is a big decision. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of pet travel versus pet boarding to help you choose what’s best for your furry companion and your travel needs.

Pros of Pet TravelCons of Pet Travel
Emotional Support: Keeps pets close for comfort.Logistics and Restrictions: Requires more planning and not all places are pet-friendly.
Cost Savings: Avoids boarding fees.Travel Stress for Pets: Some pets may experience anxiety or motion sickness.
Adventure Together: Enhances travel experiences and bonds.Health and Safety Concerns: Increased risk of pets escaping or becoming ill.

Why I Recommend:

Are you tired of the surprise costs that come with pet boarding? The FREE Pet Travel Calculator provides a clear financial perspective on what you can expect to spend when your pet tags along on your trips. This helps create a better budget and ensures that your travel decisions are made confidently.


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