Personalised Notebook with Positive Affirmations

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For pet owners, our furry friends are more than just pets, they’re family. That’s why you will fall in love with our personalised Pet Notebooks.

Exclusive to Pawtal, each notebook is perfect for pet owners who cherish their furry friends and want to keep a piece of them close at all times. Whether you’re a busy professional jotting down meeting notes, a creative soul penning your latest ideas, or someone who loves to journal, this notebook is for you.

It’s also an ideal gift for the pet lovers in your life, including family, friends, and children as they offer a unique and personal touch that store-bought notebooks can’t match.


  • Personalised Cover: Upload images of your pet and we will create a one-of-a-kind cover that is as unique as your furry friend.
  • Preview and Confirm: A draft of the cover image will be presented to confirm. A max of 1 request to edit is available.
    Note: As AI is used to create images, pet images will not be a perfect match.
  • Positive Affirmations: With over 230 pages, each page reveals a new pet-inspired quote.
  • Quality Design: The notebook features a matte finish softcover for a luxurious feel, white lined paper for clarity, and a perfect size (6×9 in.) for portability.


Purchase from Amazon (via a link emailed to you) for $19.95 plus delivery.

A sample of the 200+ Affirmations

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have a notebook as unique as your pet. Order yours today and turn every writing moment into a celebration of your pet.

Personalised Notebook Step 1
Personalised Notebook Step 2
Personalised Notebook Step 3
Personalised Notebook Step 4

How to order:

  1. Fill in the form with your contact details
  2. Explain how you would like your image featured
  3. Add cover text for the front page (limit to 20 characters)
  4. Upload your images
  5. Submit Form

Please allow 7-10 days for your custom notebook to be available to purchase using Amazon. This is due Amazon’s approval policy.

Once your notebook is ready, you’ll receive a link by email to purchase via Amazon. Delivery charges are additional. Order now and turn every page with a smile!

An email will be sent to review the custom cover and to order. Note: Only 1 edit available.

Order yours today! 

Personalised Notebook Cover Examples

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Are you looking for more positive affirmation quotes?

Discover heartwarming stories, adorable photos, and feel-good quotes to appreciate the little moments with your furry friends.

Check them out here and make sure to follow my page as I post daily! 

Key Features:

• Matte finish in the softcover
• Personalised design
• White lined paper in the interior
• 230+ lined pages to write in
• A new pet inspirational quote at every turn

Product Description:

Capture the spirit of your beloved pet with every note you take in our exclusive Personalised Pet Notebooks. This notebook is a daily reminder of the joy and love your pet brings into your life. With a personalised cover featuring your furry friend and inspirational pet quotes on each of the 230+ pages, it’s a notebook designed to inspire and delight pet owners at every turn.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have a notebook as unique as your pet. Order yours today!

Size Guide:

6×9 in. (15×23 cm.)

Why I Recommend:

Our Personalised Pet Notebooks, exclusive to Pawtal, infuse your daily tasks with the warmth of your pet’s love. Every page features a new inspirational pet quote, providing daily positivity. Ideal for recording memories or organizing your day, this notebook adds joy to any moment. It’s an excellent gift for loved ones or children, or as a treat for yourself, creating a lasting tribute to your furry companion.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Q1. How do I personalise my Pet Notebook?
To personalise your notebook, fill out the form with your contact details, cover text, and upload images of your pet(s). You can also specify how you’d like the image featured on the cover. A maximum of 1 edit is available.

Q2. What size is the Personalised Pet Notebook?
The notebook measures 6×9 inches (15×23 cm), making it the perfect size for carrying around or keeping on your desk for daily use.

Q3. Can I choose the quotes that appear in the notebook?
The quotes in the notebook are pre-selected to offer a variety of inspirational pet-related affirmations. While customization of quotes isn’t available, each quote has been chosen to uplift and inspire pet owners.

Q4. How many pages does the notebook have?
The notebook contains over 230 lined pages, each accompanied by a unique pet-inspired quote, providing ample space for writing.

Q5. What is the return policy? Given the custom nature of the notebooks, returns are generally not accepted unless there is a defect in the product. If you encounter any issues with your notebook, please get in touch with Amazon customer service.

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