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At Pawtal, we understand that your feline companion is a cherished member of your family. Download your FREE Cat Sitting Checklist so that your cat receives the best care possible while you’re away. Our checklist covers every aspect of your cat’s well-being, from daily activities to feeding routine and contact details. With our checklist, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved cat is in good hands.


  • Discover your cat’s likes and dislikes: Our checklist prompts you to provide information about your cat’s favorite activities, ensuring that they receive personalised attention and engagement while you’re away.
  • Places to play: Let us know your cat’s preferred play areas.  Your chosen cat sitters will be able to create an environment that keeps them entertained and stimulated.

Contact Details

  • Stay connected with your cat’s sitter: Provide your phone number, address, and email, so our cat sitters can easily reach out to you in case of any concerns or updates.

Feeding and Medication

We understand the importance of maintaining your cat’s regular feeding schedule and ensuring they receive any necessary medications. Our Cat Sitting Checklist includes a dedicated section to address your cat’s dietary needs, restrictions, and medication requirements.


  • Personalised meal plans: Share your cat’s preferred brand name or specific feeding instructions for each mealtime, be it morning, afternoon, or evening. We’ll ensure your cat’s dietary routine is followed diligently.
  • Treats: Inform us about your cat’s favorite treats, so we can reward them with something special during their cat-sitting experience.

Restrictions and Medications

  • Special dietary restrictions: Let your sitter know if your cat has any specific dietary restrictions, to receive the appropriate food and avoid any potential allergens.
  • Medications and vet information: Share details of any medications your cat requires, along with your regular vet’s contact information. We prioritize your cat’s health and will administer medications as instructed.

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