Travelling with Dogs in Australia: Know what to Pack

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Planning a trip with your dog can be both exciting and daunting. Knowing what to pack when travelling with dogs ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for you and your furry friend.

I understand the challenges you face and have compiled this guide to help you prepare for a successful trip. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains, or visiting family, making sure you have everything your dog needs is crucial.

From ensuring their comfort and safety to managing their health and hygiene, each detail matters. Forgetting something essential can turn a fun adventure into a stressful ordeal.

That’s why I’ve created a detailed FREE checklist for travelling with dogs, which you can find here. This guide will help you pack all the necessities and ease any concerns you might have about travelling with your pet.

Having travelled with my own dogs numerous times, I know the importance of being prepared. From making sure vaccinations are up-to-date to packing the right food and supplies, each step is vital for a stress-free journey.

My goal is to share this expertise with you so that both you and your dog can enjoy the adventure ahead.

Let’s discover the essentials you need to pack for a safe and enjoyable trip with your dog.

If you don’t have time to read the full guide, here is a summary of the essential items to pack when travelling with a dog.

CategoryItems to Pack

Comfort and Safety

Leash & collar with ID tags, comfortable bed or blankets, travel or wire crate

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Health and Hygiene

Vaccination records, health certificates, flea, tick, and worm preventatives, grooming supplies, toothbrush, dog-specific toothpaste

Food and Hydration

Sufficient dog food and treats, portable food and water bowls, bottled water, water purification tablets

Travel Gear and Accessories

Dog car seat or harness, crate or carrier, pet-friendly travel bag

Outdoor and Activity Gear

Dog hiking boots, pet sunscreen, insect repellent, life jacket

First Aid and Emergency

Canine first aid kit, emergency contact numbers, required medications

Entertainment and Comfort

Favorite toys, interactive puzzles, calming products, wipes for mess


Pet passport, local permits, copy of travel itinerary


Confirmation of pet-friendly accommodations, familiar items from home, cleaning supplies (wipes, poo bags)

Weather-Specific Items

Raincoat, jacket, cooling vest, paw balm

Technology and Gadgets

GPS tracker, portable fan, cooling mat, pet camera

Travel Modes

Essentials for car travel, air travel considerations, tips for train and bus travel

Regional Considerations

Wildlife and insect precautions, local regulations, landscape-specific preparations

Training and Behaviour

Obedience training tools, socialisation tips, behaviour management techniques

Activities and Adventures

Dog-friendly parks and trails, pet-friendly cafes and restaurants, safety tips for outdoor adventures

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Essentials for Your Dog's Comfort and Safety

Leash & Collar with ID Tags

When travelling with dogs, one of the first things to pack is a sturdy leash and a collar with ID tags. These tags should have your dog’s name and your contact information, ensuring that if your dog gets lost, they can be returned to you quickly and safely.

A reliable leash and collar are essential for keeping your dog under control in new and unfamiliar environments.

Comfortable Bed or Blankets

Your dog needs a comfortable place to rest during the trip. Pack their favorite bed or a couple of blankets to make them feel at home. This is especially important for long trips or overnight stays.

Familiar items can reduce your dog’s anxiety and help them settle in unfamiliar places. A cozy bed or blanket is not just a comfort item; it is essential for their well-being.

Travel or Wire Crate

A travel crate is crucial for your dog’s safety during the journey. It keeps them secure in the car and can also serve as a comfortable resting place when you reach your destination.

Make sure the crate is well-ventilated and large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. A crate can also prevent your dog from getting injured in case of sudden stops or accidents during car travel.

For more advice on choosing the right travel crate for your dog, click here.

state rules and regulations for pet travel

  • Rest stop and leash laws vary by state, but in general, dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times in public areas such as rest stops and parks.
  • Some states also require dogs to be kept in designated areas or to be accompanied by their owner at all times.
  • Car restraint laws are becoming increasingly common throughout Australia. Always check the individual state and territory regulations to ensure you are compliant.
  • Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines and even criminal charges in some cases.
  • Vaccination and health certificate requirements also vary by state. Many states require dogs to have proof of vaccination against certain diseases, such as rabies, before entering the state.
  • Some states also require health certificates from a veterinarian to ensure that the dog is in good health and free from contagious diseases.
Rules and Regulations of pet travel by State

Make sure you are across the rules and regulations for the state you are travelling in to avoid a fine and demerit point deductions.

Health and Hygiene Items

Vaccination Records and Health Certificates

Before you set off on your trip, ensure you have all your dog’s vaccination records and health certificates. These documents are vital, especially if you’re planning to visit parks, doggy daycares, or other public places that require proof of vaccinations.

Having these records on hand can save you from any hassle or delays during your travels.

Flea, Tick, and Worm Preventatives

Protecting your dog from fleas, ticks, and worms is crucial when travelling. Pack the necessary preventatives and ensure they are applied before you leave. Carry extra doses in case your trip extends longer than expected.

Preventative treatments will keep your dog healthy and free from parasites, which is particularly important in new environments where they may be exposed to different pests.

Grooming Supplies

Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed is essential for their health and comfort. Pack a small grooming kit that includes shampoo, a towel, a brush, and nail clippers.

Regular grooming can help you spot any health issues early and keep your dog comfortable. It’s also a good practice to keep your dog looking their best, especially if you plan to take lots of photos or attend any special events during your trip.

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Toothbrush and Dog-Specific Toothpaste

Dental hygiene is often overlooked but very important for your dog’s overall health. Bring a toothbrush and dog-specific toothpaste to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Regular brushing helps prevent dental problems and keeps your dog healthy. Good dental care is essential to prevent issues like bad breath, gum disease, and tooth loss, ensuring your dog remains happy and healthy throughout your travels.

Food and Hydration Needs

Sufficient Dog Food and Treats

When packing for your trip, make sure you bring enough dog food and treats to last the entire journey. Changing your dog’s diet suddenly can cause stomach upset, so it’s best to stick with their regular food.

Measure out the right amount of food for each meal and pack it in resealable bags or containers to keep it fresh. Don’t forget to bring their favorite treats for training and rewarding good behavior.

Portable Food and Water Bowls

Portable food and water bowls are essential for keeping your dog fed and hydrated on the go. Collapsible silicone bowls are a great option as they take up little space and are easy to clean.

Make sure to have separate bowls for food and water to ensure your dog stays hydrated throughout the trip. Keeping a few spare bowls can also be helpful if you lose one or if one gets damaged.

Bottled Water and Water Purification Tablets

It’s important to provide your dog with clean, fresh water during your travels. Pack enough bottled water for your trip, especially if you’re traveling to areas where clean water might not be readily available.

Alternatively, you can carry water purification tablets to treat tap water, ensuring it’s safe for your dog to drink. This will help prevent any stomach issues caused by unfamiliar water sources.

Bedding or Travel Crate, Dog Travel Bag Essential

Travel Gear and Accessories

Dog Car Seat or Harness for Car Rides

Safety is a top priority when travelling with dogs. A dog car seat or harness keeps your pet secure during car rides. A well-fitted harness attaches to the seatbelt, preventing your dog from moving around the car and keeping them safe in case of sudden stops or accidents.

A car seat provides additional comfort and security, especially for smaller dogs.

Crate or Carrier for Safe Transport

A crate or carrier is essential for safe transport, whether you’re travelling by car, plane, or train. Make sure the crate is large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

The crate should be well-ventilated and sturdy to provide a safe and comfortable space for your dog during the journey. Familiarise your dog with the crate before the trip to reduce anxiety.

Pet-Friendly Travel Bag

A pet-friendly travel bag can be a lifesaver when packing for your dog. Choose a bag with multiple compartments to organise all your dog’s essentials, such as food, treats, grooming supplies, and toys.

A dedicated travel bag ensures that you have everything you need in one place, making it easier to access your dog’s items during the trip.

Look for a bag that’s easy to carry and has enough space for all your dog’s necessities.

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Outdoor and Activity Gear

Dog Hiking Boots for Rough Terrains

If your trip includes hiking or walking on rough terrains, dog hiking boots are a must-have. These boots protect your dog’s paws from sharp rocks, hot pavement, and other potentially harmful surfaces.

Make sure to get boots that fit well and are comfortable for your dog to wear. Let your dog wear them a few times before the trip to get used to the feeling.

Pet Sunscreen / Insect Repellent

Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned, especially those with short or light-colored fur. Pet-safe sunscreen helps protect your dog from harmful UV rays. Additionally, insect repellent is essential to protect your dog from mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs.

Choose products specifically designed for dogs to ensure they are safe and effective.

Life Jacket for Water Activities

If you plan on engaging in water activities such as boating or swimming, a life jacket is crucial for your dog’s safety. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, a life jacket provides extra buoyancy and visibility.

Make sure the life jacket fits properly and has a handle on top so you can easily lift your dog out of the water if needed.

First Aid and Emergency Supplies

Canine First Aid Kit

A canine first aid kit is an essential item to pack when travelling with dogs. This kit should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, gauze pads, and any other items needed to treat minor injuries.

It’s also a good idea to include a pet first aid manual. Knowing basic first aid can make a big difference in case of an emergency.

Emergency Contact Numbers (Vet, Animal Hospital)

Prepare a list of emergency contact numbers, including your vet’s number and the nearest animal hospital at your destination. Having these contacts readily available can save precious time in case of an emergency.

Research and note down any local emergency veterinary services at your travel destination before you leave.

Animal Emergency Phone Numbers by State

Here are the most important emergency numbers to have on hand for pets in each Australian state:

All states:

  • Animal Poisons Helpline: 1300 869 738 (free service)
  • WIRES (wildlife emergencies) Rescue Office: 1300 094 737  for 24/7 emergencies
  • Emergency Snake Catcher Services: 0403 875 409 for 24/7 emergencies


  • RSPCA Victoria: 03 9224 2222


  • RSPCA QLD 24/7 Animal emergencies: 1300 264 625
  • RSPCA QLD Lost and found: 1300 363 736
  • Biosecurity Queensland (for stranded livestock): 13 25 23

New South Wales:

  • RSPCA NSW: 1300 278 358
  • WIRES Wildlife Rescue: 1300 094 737

South Australia:

  • RSPCA South Australia: 1300 477 722
  • Emergency Animal Disease Hotline: 1800 675 888

Western Australia:

  • RSPCA Western Australia: 1300 278 358


  • RSPCA Tasmania: 03 6244 3033

Northern Territory:

  • RSPCA Darwin Regional Branch: 08 8984 3795

It’s important to have the contact information for your local veterinarian and the nearest 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic.

In case of a serious emergency, you can also call Triple Zero (000) for immediate assistance.

Always keep your regular vet’s number handy, as they should be your first point of contact for most pet health issues.

Download the Free app First Aid for Pets Australia and have all your pets needs at the tip of your palm.

Any Required Medications

If your dog is on any medications, make sure to pack enough for the entire trip, plus a few extra days’ worth, in case of delays. Keep the medications in their original packaging, which includes dosage instructions and your vet’s contact information.

Bring a copy of the prescription as well, in case you need to get a refill while away. This ensures your dog remains healthy and continues their treatment without interruption.

Budget-Friendly Pet Toys

Entertainment and Comfort

Favorite Toys and Interactive Puzzles

To keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated during the trip, pack their favorite toys and interactive puzzles.

Familiar toys can provide comfort and reduce anxiety, while interactive puzzles can keep them occupied and prevent boredom. Bring a variety of toys, such as chew toys, squeaky toys, and treat-dispensing puzzles, to cater to your dog’s different play preferences.

Review my list of pet puzzle toys perfect for travel here.

Calming Products (If Your Dog Is Anxious)

If your dog tends to get anxious during travel, consider bringing calming products to help them relax. Options include calming sprays, anxiety wraps, and natural supplements.

These products can make a significant difference in your dog’s comfort and behaviour during the journey. Test these products before the trip to see how your dog responds and ensure they are effective.

I am currently facing this challenge with my Golden Retriever Murphy. Read how I am managing his car anxiety here and recommend calming aids. 

Wipes for Mess

Travelling can sometimes get messy, so pack wipes to clean up after your dog. Pet-safe wipes are great for cleaning paws, fur, and even minor messes in the car or hotel room.

They are convenient and help keep your dog and their surroundings clean and fresh throughout the trip.

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Documentation and Legal Requirements

Pet Passport (If Applicable)

If you’re traveling internationally or to specific regions that require it, make sure to have a pet passport for your dog. A pet passport typically includes vaccination records, microchip information, and other health details.

Check the entry requirements for your destination well in advance to ensure you have all necessary documentation.

Local Permits and Permissions

Some destinations may require specific permits or permissions for travelling with dogs. Research and obtain any required permits before your trip.

This could include permits for national parks, beaches, or specific tourist attractions that have regulations regarding pets.

Being prepared with the right permits ensures a hassle-free experience.

Copy of Travel Itinerary

Keep a copy of your travel itinerary handy, including details of your accommodation, planned activities, and emergency contacts. Share a copy with a friend or family member not travelling with you for added safety.

Having a clear itinerary helps you stay organised and ensures you don’t forget any important plans or reservations.

Rules and Regulations of pet travel by State

Make sure you are across the rules and regulations for the state you are travelling in to avoid a fine and demerit point deductions.

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Accommodation Preparation

Confirmation of Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Before setting off, ensure that all your accommodations are pet-friendly. Confirm your bookings in advance and verify the hotel or rental property’s pet policy.

Some places have restrictions on the size or number of dogs allowed, while others may charge additional pet fees. Knowing these details in advance will help you avoid any surprises upon arrival.

Familiar Items from Home (Toys, Blanket)

To help your dog feel more at ease in a new environment, bring along familiar items from home. Pack their favorite toys, a familiar blanket, or even their regular bed.

These items carry your dog’s scent and provide a sense of comfort and security, making it easier for them to adjust to new surroundings.

Cleaning Supplies (Wipes, Poo Bags)

Be considerate and prepared by packing cleaning supplies. Pet-safe wipes are useful for quick clean-ups, while poo bags are essential for cleaning up after your dog. Some accommodations provide these items, but it’s always better to bring your own to ensure you have enough.

Keeping the accommodation clean and tidy will make your stay more pleasant and reflect positively on you as a responsible pet owner.

Weather-Specific Items

Raincoat or Jacket for Wet Weather

Australia’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to pack a raincoat or jacket for your dog. This keeps them dry and comfortable during rainy walks or sudden downpours.

Choose a lightweight, waterproof coat that fits well and doesn’t restrict your dog’s movement. A dry dog is a happy dog, especially when you’re on the go.

Paw Balm for Extreme Conditions

Protect your dog’s paws from extreme weather conditions by packing paw balm. Hot pavement, cold snow, or rough terrain can cause paw pads to crack and become painful.

Applying paw balm before and after walks can keep your dog’s paws moisturized and protected. It’s a small but important step to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety during your travels.

Cooling Vest for Hot Climates

If you’re travelling to a hot and sunny destination, a cooling vest is a great addition to your packing list. These vests help regulate your dog’s body temperature and prevent overheating.

Soak the vest in water before putting it on your dog, and the evaporative cooling effect will keep them comfortable during outdoor activities. This is particularly useful for breeds that are prone to heatstroke.

Recommended Dog Cooling Vests and Mats

Technology and Gadgets

GPS Tracker for Dogs

A GPS tracker is a valuable tool when traveling with your dog. This device attaches to your dog’s collar and helps you keep track of their location in real-time.

If your dog ever gets lost in an unfamiliar place, a GPS tracker can quickly guide you to them. Choose a tracker with good battery life and reliable coverage, especially if you’re heading to remote areas.

Portable Fan or Cooling Mat

Traveling during hot weather can be challenging for dogs. A portable fan or cooling mat helps keep your dog comfortable and prevent overheating.

Cooling mats are easy to pack and provide a cool surface for your dog to lie on, while portable fans can be set up in cars or hotel rooms to improve air circulation.

These items are particularly useful for breeds that are prone to heatstroke.

Pet Camera for Monitoring

A pet camera can provide peace of mind when you need to leave your dog alone for short periods. These cameras allow you to monitor your dog remotely using your smartphone.

Some models even have two-way audio, so you can talk to your dog and soothe them if they seem anxious. This is especially useful in unfamiliar environments where your dog might feel unsettled.

Packing Tips for Different Modes of Travel

Car Travel Essentials

When travelling by car, ensure your dog is safely secured with a dog car seat, harness, or crate. Pack essentials like food, water, bowls, and a favorite toy within easy reach.

Plan for regular stops to allow your dog to stretch, relieve themselves, and get some fresh air. Keeping the car well-ventilated or using a portable fan will help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Air Travel Considerations

Air travel with dogs requires additional preparation. Check the airline’s pet policy and ensure you have an appropriate crate that meets their requirements.

Book a direct flight if possible to minimise stress. Label the crate with your contact information and pack a travel kit with food, water, a leash, and any necessary medications.

Familiarise your dog with the crate before the trip to reduce anxiety.

Tips for Train and Bus Travel

Train and bus travel can be a convenient way to travel with your dog, but it’s important to check the pet policies of the transport company beforehand.

Bring a comfortable carrier or crate and ensure your dog is well-behaved and accustomed to traveling in it. Pack essentials like food, water, and cleaning supplies, and be considerate of other passengers by keeping your dog calm and quiet during the journey.

dog friendly road trips australia

Regional Considerations in Australia

Dealing with Wildlife and Insects

Australia is home to a wide variety of wildlife and insects, some of which can pose a risk to your dog. Be aware of the potential dangers such as snakes, spiders, and ticks. Always keep your dog on a leash when hiking or exploring unfamiliar areas.

Use flea and tick preventatives and check your dog regularly for any signs of insect bites or stings. Familiarise yourself with local wildlife and the appropriate first aid measures in case of an encounter.

Understanding Local Regulations and Restrictions

Different regions in Australia have varying regulations and restrictions regarding dogs. Some national parks, beaches, and public spaces may not allow dogs, or they may have specific rules you need to follow.

Research these regulations before your trip to avoid any fines or issues. Many cities and towns have designated off-leash areas where your dog can roam freely, so look for these to give your dog some exercise and freedom.

Preparing for Different Landscapes (Beaches, Forests, Deserts)

Australia’s diverse landscapes require different preparations. For beach trips, bring fresh water to rinse off salt and sand from your dog’s coat and paws. In forests, ensure your dog is protected against ticks and other parasites.

For desert travels, pack plenty of water, a cooling vest, and protect your dog’s paws from hot sand and rough terrain.

Each landscape presents unique challenges, so tailor your packing list to the specific environment you’ll be exploring.

Training and Behaviour Management

Obedience Training Tools

Good behaviour is crucial when travelling with dogs. Pack obedience training tools such as a clicker, treats, and a training collar or harness. Reinforcing basic commands like sit, stay, and come can help manage your dog in new and potentially distracting environments.

Training tools can also help address any behavioural issues that arise during your trip.

Socialisation Tips for New Environments

Travel exposes your dog to new sights, sounds, and smells, which can be overwhelming. Gradually introduce your dog to new environments before the trip to build their confidence.

Socialise them with different people, animals, and settings to make them more adaptable. Positive reinforcement and patience are key to helping your dog adjust to new surroundings without fear or anxiety.

Behaviour Management Techniques

Managing your dog’s behaviour on the road is essential for a stress-free trip. Keep a consistent routine for feeding, walking, and resting to provide a sense of stability.

Use calming products like anxiety wraps or natural supplements if your dog gets nervous.

Monitor their behaviour closely and address any signs of stress or discomfort promptly.

Planning Activities and Adventures

Dog-Friendly Parks and Trails

Australia offers many beautiful parks and trails that welcome dogs. Research and plan to visit dog-friendly locations where your furry friend can explore and play.

National parks often have specific areas where dogs are allowed, usually on-leash, while some regional parks and trails offer off-leash areas. Popular dog-friendly spots include Centennial Park in Sydney, Albert Park in Melbourne, and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Always check local guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Pet-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants

Enjoying a meal or a coffee break with your dog can be a delightful part of your trip. Many cafes and restaurants across Australia welcome dogs in their outdoor seating areas.

Look for establishments that provide water bowls and even special dog menus. I can help you find pet-friendly locations by simply requesting a pet-friendly service. Remember to always be courteous to other patrons and ensure your dog is well-behaved.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Adventures

Safety should be a top priority during outdoor adventures with your dog. Here are some tips to ensure a safe experience:

  • Stay Hydrated: Always carry plenty of water for both you and your dog, especially in hot climates.
  • Watch the Weather: Avoid strenuous activities during extreme heat. Early mornings or late afternoons are usually cooler and more comfortable.
  • Use a Leash: Keep your dog on a leash unless you are in a designated off-leash area. This prevents them from running into dangerous situations or wildlife.
  • First Aid Kit: Bring a canine first aid kit and know basic first aid procedures for common injuries.
  • Tick Checks: Regularly check your dog for ticks, especially after walks in bushy or grassy areas.

animal medical kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should I do if my dog gets car sick?

A1. If your dog experiences motion sickness, try giving them a light meal before the trip and take frequent breaks. You can also consult your vet for possible medications to help with motion sickness.

Q2. How can I keep my dog calm during travel?

A2. To keep your dog calm, bring familiar items like their favorite toys and blankets. Calming sprays, anxiety wraps, and natural supplements can also help. Ensure they are well-exercised before the trip to reduce anxiety.

Q3. What are the best dog-friendly destinations in Australia?

A3. Some of the best dog-friendly destinations include Centennial Park in Sydney, Albert Park in Melbourne, and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. Many beaches and cafes also welcome dogs.

Q4. How do I find pet-friendly accommodations?

A4. Use websites and apps that specialise in pet-friendly accommodations. Always call ahead to confirm their pet policy and any additional fees or restrictions.

Q5. What should I pack for my dog for a beach trip?

A5. For a beach trip, pack fresh water, a bowl, a towel, sunscreen for dogs, a leash, poo bags, and a cooling mat. Rinse off salt and sand from your dog’s coat after beach visits to prevent skin irritation.

Travelling with your dog can be a rewarding experience filled with adventure and bonding. By knowing what to pack when travelling with dogs and planning ahead, you ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for both you and your furry friend.

Whether you’re exploring new trails, relaxing at a pet-friendly cafe, or just taking a road trip, the right preparation makes all the difference. Safe travels and happy adventures!

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