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pet adventures have begun!

three-quarters of Australians are likely to take domestic holidays in 2022; Pawtal makes it easy! 

Going away and not sure what to do with your pets? Bring them with you! 

Enjoy a personalised pet travel specialist and pet community locating pet-friendly services as you travel.


Did you know…

“No pets allowed”, no problem!

Pawtal is here to help, communicate with your pet specialist who will source and recommend pet services to help you travel.

All open pet-travel requests will be saved to the travel board.

Visitors to Pawtal including registered pet-friendly services will have access to the travel board to correspond, make offers and host pet requests.

follow max on his journey to Sydney, Australia with a step-by-step guide using Pawtal.
(available to download or print)

personalised pet specialist

With Pawtal enjoy the benefits of your own personal pet travel specialist who will locate pet-friendly services and activities as you travel.


Located services will link to your destination requests to review, connect and request offers. 

Save on kennel fees and remove the worry not knowing where to take your pets to as you travel! 

*pet sitting services are not included

FREE travel guide

Start your pet travel journey as a pet-traveller with Pawtal and gain access to your FREE Travel Guide. 

The guide provides tips and instructions as you commence your Pawtal journey.


whats included?

  • getting started
  • the portal
  • pet profile
  • pawtinerary & destination requests
  • travel board
  • securing a pet-friendly service
  • travel status
  • offers
  • calculators
  • my bookings & calendar
  • accidents & incidents
  • payments, cancellations and refunds

service offers & name your price

Find a pet service that meets your needs? 

Connect with Paw Chats to discuss pet travel needs and request an offer to host your service. Accept current offer or name your price. 

name your price

Name your price offers you the ability to name your own price for a pet-friendly service to ensure it meets your budget, location and pet needs. 

Ensure you add a fair & reasonable price you are happy to pay for the service.

join Pawtal family

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pet travel questions

Pawtal is a pet travel company connecting pet travellers with pet friendly services and activities.

Create a pet itinerary (pawtinerary) listing destinations where a pet service is required.

Dependent on your destination of travel, service requirement and pet type (eg: type of pet and size) Pawtal will attempt to locate pet friendly services and activities that meet your pet needs and travel requirements. 


Services found will link to your destination request for you to connect, meet and request an offer to host your needs.


Pet sitting services will not be sourced and if a pet sitting service is required, the pet traveller is to locate this service independently.

Located services that are linked to your destination request will be able to see your pets profile, full travel details including service dates and any special requirements for your family and pets.

Pet-friendly services who wish to host your destination request will place an offer for your job. Review their services and either accept or decline the offer. 


You can also name your price or counter an existing offer.  Communicate privately through Paw Chats to discuss your requirements and answer questions you may have.


Note: You can only accept 1 offer only per job. If you receive multiple offers, review all services and choose one that meets your pet needs and budget.

If the offer has not been paid in full

Yes! You can modify a confirmed offer if not paid in full or if dates fall outside 7 days of travel. 


If paid in full

No, confirmed offer cannot be removed. Email for assistance. Terms and Conditions will apply.


If within 7 days of travel

No, confirmed offer cannot be removed. Email for assistance. Terms and Conditions will apply.

Confirmed services will be saved to your bookings and you can add the details to your calendar.

The confirmed service will be notified upon confirmation of offer.

As your pets are being cared for by our pet-friendly servics, regular updates will be shared with pet adventures.

Pictures and stories can be transferred to a travel book or video and shared in our stories.

Once you accept an offer, the full amount will be moved into your cart to complete the checkout

No Pawtal is 100% free for pet travellers to use.

On the unlikely chance something goes wrong, update the status of your destination to ‘issue’ and contact Pawtal to assist.

The pet friendly service can rate your service and leave you a testimonial.  You can also do the same for the pet service used. 

Changes to plans occur all the time. Any booking that is cancelled within our time policy, and paid in full will be refunded.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for any exceptions to this.

To experience the best of Pawtal create both a Business and Traveller profile each with its own unique email address.

This is due to content, profile matching and notifications.


Note: all new pet-friendly business profiles will need to be approved by Pawtal before being published.

Contact Pawtal at or via Paw Chats and the Chat Box.
Pawtal will get back to you as soon as possible.

pet travel is easy