The story of Pawtal

A story as to how Pawtal began, the steps leading to why I started a business involving pets, travel but mostly love.

Melbourne lockdown 2.0

Pawtal began in Melbourne 2021 and which was thick in Covid lockdown 2.0.


In Melbourne, were unable to travel more than 5km from our place of residence, only essential services were open and we were unable to visit family and friends. Masks had to be worn and we had to communicate with friends and colleagues via electronic devices. It was uncertain times.  


Every morning we would wake up to the news of case numbers, distressing fatalities and hurt businesses and industries were facing. 

Best mask competition with work!

Living lockdown 2.0

I considered myself lucky as myself and my partner remained employed and could work from home and grew closer together. 


We lived lockdown 2.0 by exploring our local area, playing tennis in the park or at home on our converted dining table. We also had Murray (my Golden Retriever who I share with my parents) living with us as I was unable to return him to my parents home given the 5km radius instilled on us.


Enjoying Murray

Murray quickly adapted to our routine and dad became concerned of his growing waistline as we may have been slightly spoiling Murray; how could you not, he is beautiful. Every night we would take Murray to the park for a run and walk, it was our favourite time of the day.  Over time we started to see the same faces but it was Murray who everyone wanted to meet as Murray loved to play with other dogs, chasing them in circles which is his favourite game.

Adventures with Murray during lockdown

How Covid changed me

Covid and lockdown taught me many things, as it did to all of us. For me it was that life is precious and can change in an instant. We think we have control over our lives, and in most cases we do but it can take a freak circumstance that can change it forever. I know first hand as I have been dealt many hurdles to jump but as the bar gets higher, the higher I leap! 

Pawtal was born

Being locked inside our homes, watching the travel industry be decimated by a virus, I had never wanted to explore our beautiful country Australia more. It was at this moment Pawtal was born.

Longing to travel but owning pet(s) creates added complexities then building a travel agenda? What do you do with them?  Kennel fees are high, difficult and expensive arranging pet sitters – have you considered bringing them with you?


Holiday parks and hotels are now evolving to welcome our furry friends and as research states:

  • Businesses that welcome pets are likely to see increased foot traffic and greater patronage
  • You are more likely to be able to hire and retain staff (especially when it comes to Millennials!)
  • Being pet friendly will help your brand that is used to differentiate the company to potential recruits
  • Reduced stress means less stress-related ailments and the healthcare costs that accompany them

Lockdown 2.0 ended

At the conclusion of lockdown 2.0, I started the journey of commencing a blog, from registering a name, writing a business plan,  researching how to travel with pets, joining pet forums and finding products… slowly Pawtal came to life.


Having never started a business, designed a website, marketed a product I knew it was going to be a long road ahead but I was ready for the challenge. I wanted a simple platform that connects travellers with pet-friendly services throughout Australia to help explore our stunning country with your pets by your side.


Thank you

Thank you for your support as I want Pawtal to be a pet community with plenty of involvement from our family members (registered contacts).  If you have any travel tips, favourite pet friendly locations, improved website recommendations or simply wanting to share your pet travel stories and photos, contact me and I will be eager to reply.


I look forward to making your pet travel experience an enjoyable and memorable one as “pets are family, make paw-memories today“.

Katherine & Murray xo

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The story of Pawtal

A story as to how Pawtal began, the steps leading to why I started a business involving pets, travel but mostly love.

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