Cats and Kittens

Discover resources for your cats well-being at home or on the go! We provide information tailored specifically to meet your cat’s needs, whether you’re traveling or leaving them at home. This includes readying your living space to packing essentials for your cats travels.

Our informative articles will offer valuable insights into identifying suitable pet services and uncovering activities that cater to your furry friend’s preferences.

We’ll also tackle common concerns and provide guidance on navigating local regulations related to cat ownership during your travels or at home.

So enjoy adventures whether exploring new horizons or creating a cozy haven at home. 

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Hello! I'm Katherine, founder of Pawtal. Alongside my Golden Retriever Murphy, I've turned 25 years of corporate expertise into creating pet-friendly travel adventures. Join us for tips, and guides on making trips with your pets fun, affordable, and stress-free. Let's explore Australia together with our furry friends!

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