Pet Travel

Why Travel with Pets?

Travelling with your pets strengthens your bond and creates unforgettable memories. It also addresses the common worry about leaving pets behind or in unfamiliar care. With Pawtal, we make it simple and stress-free.

How does Pet Travel work?

Here’s how you can start your adventure in four easy steps:

  1. Tell us about your pet: Submit your request detailing your pet’s travel needs
  2. Custom Searches: Pawtal searches for options from its community
  3. Personalised Itineraries: A pet itinerary is created based on your requirements
  4. Stay Informed: Receive a notification to view your pet itinerary

Request a pet service with Pawtal today!

About Pawtal, a FREE pet travel service
Hello! I'm Katherine, founder of Pawtal. Alongside my Golden Retriever Murphy, I've turned 25 years of corporate expertise into creating pet-friendly travel adventures. Join us for tips, and guides on making trips with your pets fun, affordable, and stress-free. Let's explore Australia together with our furry friends!

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Pet Hub

Pet Products, Reviews and what we use and love!

Love to spoil your pets? Visit Pet Hub, a growing list of products I love and use with my own Golden Retriever, or have been personally recommended.

I have researched so you don’t have to.

Make your next paw memory one that is truly special and memorable.