locate a pet service

Start your pet adventures and request a pet-service

  1. add your pet(s)
  2. add your guest(s)
  3. request pet service

Pawtal will locate pet-friendly services and activities for each pet request added.

Must be registered as a Pet Traveller. 

Please allow 5-7 days for Pawtal to locate pet-friendly services and activities

Step 1: add your pet(s) profile

List your pet(s) requirements that you would like pet-friendly services to know about your pet;

  • favourite activities
  • daily routines
  • pet(s) diet
  • medical conditions
  • behaviours
  • special requirements

manage, edit or delete your pet(s) profile once added through “my pets”

Step 2: add guests

Add guests to your trip by adding each to your profile;

  • select child or adult
  • add name
  • contact number (mobile or landline)
  • email address

select the guest(s) who will be travelling with your pet(s) when adding a destination.

Step 3: request pet service

Request a pet service;

  • choose pet-friendly service required
  • select dates & budget
  • set pet requirements for destination, ie: pet collection, food, bedding
  • add each pet(s) who require service
  • view and connect with matches
  • manage offers including name your price

manage each destination, change status and view pet adventures from pawtinerary

Destination Status

Change destination status according to your travel plans;

  • open – destinations are open to offers from located pet-friendly services
  • in planning – destination is being planned and Pawtal wont locate services or appear on travel board
  • booked – destination is no longer accepting offers
  • paid in full – destination is confirmed and paid in full Refer to terms for refunds and cancellation policy
  • completed – pet-friendly services has now been completed and destination will be removed from all portals
  • issue – an issue has occurred with destination. Contact Pawtal to investigate

paw travel

Requiring multiple services? Create a trip and link your destinations. 

Gain access to;

  • correspond with a personal pet travel specialist
  • trip notes
  • map plotter
  • pet budget

  • travel calculator

manage, edit or delete your trip through your pawtinerary

service offers & bookings


Located services who wish to host your pet request will send you an offer.

update offer;

  • offer accepted – service will be added to your cart for payment
  • offer declined – offer will be declined. Pet service can choose to amend offer and resend
  • offer requested – name your offer has been requested. A note will be sent to pet service to review offer. 

continue contact through Paw Chats with pet-friendly service to discuss your pets travel requirements prior to booking


All accepted offers are saved into ‘my bookings‘ and linked to your destination

  • add to your calendar
  • pet service notified
  • communicate privately with pet service  to ensure pets requirements are met
  • keep updated on your pets activities in ‘Pet Adventures’
  • share pets adventures with friends, family & the Pawtal community

pet adventures

pet adventures are added through confirmed bookings & linked to destinations

A notification is sent when a new adventure is posted