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small paws for success
Community and Support

Pet Travel Blog: Small Paws to Success

Is success the same for everyone and how does it look? Read what it took to leave my comfort zone and develop a pet travel blog, Pawtal.

Community and Support

Murray: The inspiration to create Pawtal

Murray, a beloved Golden Retriever, who inspired Pawtal with his love for adventure, bringing joy and memories to pet-friendly travels.

Community and Support

An animals love to jump hoops

How an animals love can help you to overcome hurdles and personal challenges. Find our how animals can help you jump through hoops.

About Pawtal, a FREE pet travel service
Hello! I'm Katherine, founder of Pawtal. Alongside my Golden Retriever Murphy, I've turned 25 years of corporate expertise into creating pet-friendly travel adventures. Join us for tips, and guides on making trips with your pets fun, affordable, and stress-free. Let's explore Australia together with our furry friends!

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