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What is Pawtal?

Pawtal is a travel service for pets! Request a pet service and Pawtal will locate pet-friendly services and activities that meet your pet(s) needs, location and requirements.


Create a trip and access a FREE personalised pet travel specialist to assist you with all your pets need.

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Pawtal Pet Stories

pet-friendly destinations, love & fun!

Where is your favourite destination you take your pet to? Is it your local park or beach for play dates Do you know of an amazing walking trail where your pet can explore new tastes and smells?

Maybe you have a funny story about your pet(s) you’d love to tell? 


Share your stories and favourite destinations with the Pawtal family so each member can share the same pet fun knowing there are some fantastic locations to visit encouraging more families to bring their pets with them as they travel.

pet stories

Inspirational stories of our pets agility and endless love

favourite destinations

Your favourite destinations for pet-friendly travel

murrays tips

Murrays pet travel tips and pet fun facts

pet adventures

Pawtal's pets enjoying adventures as they travel

pet posts

Are dog parks good for dogs?

Dog parks are a popular and safe way to provide exercise and socialise your dog but how do you know if dog parks are good for dogs?

pet posts

Golden Retriever Puppy, when to adopt?

A broken heart as said no to adopting a Golden Retriever puppy. What led to this decision and the 10 reasons why you should not get a puppy?

Murray's tips

Golden Retriever shedding

Hair, Hair and more hair! Murray share’s his tips on how we cope with his Golden Retriever shedding all year round to stay hair free!

pet posts

An animals love to jump hoops

How an animals love can help you to overcome hurdles and personal challenges. Find our how animals can help you jump through hoops.

Murrays Travel tips

Learn travel and other pet tips from our infamous cheeky Golden Retriever Murray. He will research and answer anything you need to know that relates to dogs, cats, his doggy life, family and all things pet travel. 

Paw Stories

Pawtal Pet Stories

Do you have a story to tell about a previous pet travel adventure or a favourite destination you take your pet(s) to that you’d love to share?

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Tell us about your favourite parks, restaurants, beaches, walking trails, camp sites.. anything other pet lovers would love to know! 


Note: all new stories will need to be approved by Pawtal before being published, each gaining access to Pawtal’s prize wheel to spin and win! 

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