Murray’s top tips when travelling

Murray's Tips

Murray's Tips

Tips from Murray, Pawtal's infamous and cheeky Golden Retriever.

Murray is a social boy and loves nothing more than travelling with his family. Learn of Murray's top travel tips in cars and beyond.

“Do you want a ride in the car”

Does your pet hear a familiar word and their whole world stops? Murray knows many words that makes him excited as he begins his adorable sounds of whimpers, runs around in circles only to find the nearest toy and wont leave your side til he gets whatever that thing is?


This is Murray’s behaviour when he hears the word “car”. Murray loves to travel and has been a social dog since he was a puppy as is shared between 2 homes. He is not shy of the car as is always travelling back and forth enjoying both doggie worlds.  I will talk more about this in another post however today Murray has kindly shared with us his top travel tips as he travels in the car and beyond.


Depending on where Murray is going will determine what we pack. I am sure before you travel anywhere you will check the weather to learn what you will need, perhaps this is a warm jacket or umbrella, well it is the same for pets and I need to consider Murray’s needs too; where are we going, how long is the car ride, where are we all eating and how long are we travelling to name a few.

From my research the key items to remember are;

  1. water and bowl
  2. pet restraint (dependant on size of pet)
  3. poop bags (and lots of them)
  4. lead, not all people love a wet doggy cuddle 
  5. towel – if your pet is anything like Murray he will find a nice muddy puddle to roll in
  6. food and treats for your pets (dependant on the duration of the trip)
  7. a favourite toy
  8. blanket or their bed

trip duration & planning ahead

When Murray travels by car for a longer duration, we will decide what snacks to pack to avoid a Macca’s stop on the way (sometimes this is half the fun of travelling but sadly not many dog-friendly options on the menu.. now there is a new business idea)? 


To ensure we all have a great pet-friendly experience, know in advance that Murray is welcome to the location we are headed. Pawtal will research and match you with recommended pet-friendly activities, cafes and accommodation dependent on your travel needs. You don’t want to be caught out with nowhere to stay or visit forcing you to turn around and head home, ruining your trip.

Travelling with pets can be so rewarding when planned well.

Research your itinerary

If Murray is travelling to a non pet-friendly attraction for a small period of time, we will always ensure arrangements are made for him to be looked after if he is unable to come. This may be leaving him securely in our accommodation (when permitted) or having a pet-sitter booked in advance.


In peak holiday periods, many pet services can book out so avoid trying to arrange this at the last minute.  Although Pawtal does not arrange pet sitting, we can certainly recommend pet minding services to connect with.

Bring familiar smells

Murray loves soft toys so on long trips we will always pack a favourite toy and blanket. This gives him a familiar smell to cuddle into during the car ride or at night.


Murray having his own bed to sleep in will make him more likely to settle down in a familiar, cosy spot. Unless you enjoy a wet nose inside your sleeping bag or under your doona! I am not much of a camper but if you are sleeping inside a tent, Murray recommends a coat for your pet(s) to wear in the cold evenings. 

Secure travelling

Dependant on which state you are travelling in, a pet restrain is a must. If Murray travels for a long duration, he will be restrained in the back by a pet seatbelt or harness. If you have a larger, older dog you may need to invest in a pet ramp to help them get in and out of the car. 


Now I am not going to say Murray is an angel at getting in and out of the car, this is definitely an area we need to improve on as his idea of “jump” is to put his front paws up to the opened boot and then be lifted in. Yes, we have created 1 lazy Golden Retriever.


Check out Pawtal’s pet ramps and pet travel merchandise in Paw Shop and receive 10% off upon checkout if you are a family member.

Treats, food & Water

Murray is a thirsty boy so always pack plenty of water for your pets. When staying in parks or during walks, a dog can drink up to 2 litres of water dependant on their size. We always pack a large container of water and Murray’s bowl when travelling long distances or taking him on a long walk away from home. 


I know it is hard to not give in to the adorable face a gives you when you are eating human food (especially a food obsessed dog like Murray) but it is recommended to only feed your pets a small meal prior to travel and a small cup of dry food only every 4-6 hours. It is advisable to keep a pets stomach empty and limit treats during the hours of travel. 


Unsure what food to pack? Pawtal can send pet food to your accommodation prior to arrival upon request.

Collar & Microchipping

One great advantage with shared pet ownership is that dad will ensure Murray is up to date with his vet checks and vaccinations including ensuring his microchip is up to date. The last thing you want is for something unforeseen to happen when your away and pet authorities not being able to contact you as your details on your pet’s chip are incorrect.


Check your pet’s details at (you will need pets chip number in advance) and a good idea is to add on the person travelling with you too.


Your pets collar is another item where you need your contact details added to their ID tag or in Murray’s case embodied on the collar itself.

Take Regular Breaks

Murray is good in that he can hold for a long duration and will let you know if he needs to go but when travelling pets, always consider your pets needs too.  Typically the number of stops a pet will need depends on their age, an older dog will go hours without stopping however if you have a young dog or puppy they will need to go every hour.

Try to stop for a bathroom break every 2 hours when travelling.

PaWz Pet Car Seat Cover Cat Dog Hammock Non Slip Waterproof Protector Mat Black

PaWz Pet Car Seat Cover Cat Dog Hammock Non Slip Waterproof Protector Mat Black


Avoiding dirt and hair in car

If your like me and OCD when it comes to a clean car, I would recommend a seat cover or a pet hammock to retrain most of the dirt, hair and sand. They really do make a difference but there is nothing a good vacuum cant fix when you return home.


If your pet has been swimming or rolling in muddy puddles, pack a towel to remove some of the excess dirt and sand before getting back into the car.

House Rules & pet obedience

Murray is a very good boy as understands where he can and can’t go including on beds and furniture. When staying in pet-friendly accommodation, ensure you understand the house rules and always pick up after your pets when you leave. This includes excess hair, smelly presents outside and dribbles from water bowls. 

enjoy the rewards

Don’t be deterred from travelling with pets due to perceived inconvenience, hair or dirt. Travelling with pets can be so rewarding with many other travellers wanting to stop you and say hello.

Try Pawtal for your next pet adventure. 

make paw-memories

Ask Murray anything

Learn anything? 

Wish to learn more pet tips from Murray or have your own you’d love to share from your own furry friend?

Leave a comment  or contact Murray at Read more about Murray in the post “Murray”.

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