Meet Murray, my beautiful Golden Retriever who motivated Pawtal.

Introducing Murray, my beautiful Golden Retriever and the motivation behind Pawtal. 


Murray was my 40th birthday present as I longed for a dog after I lost my Border Collie Oden many years ago. I missed the company, unconditional love and joy an animal brings into your life. Growing up with Goldens, I share the love for the breed alongside my parents so it was no question we would get another Golden Retriever and a gorgeous white, fluffy boy joined our family.

Rielly’s Golden Retrievers

Murray was bred from Rielly’s Golden Retrievers from Tumut NSW. Dad and I went together to collect Murray and was there we met Murray for the first time. It was instant love and a strong bond was formed as this beautiful puppy slept on my lap the whole way home. Murray has been a lap dog ever since!


Murray 16 weeks old

Murray and I. Murray 6 months old

Shared ownership

Murray is shared with mum and dad as both myself and my partner work full time and were worried about leaving a dog for long hours a day.  My parents were also concerned about getting a puppy at a senior age so we agreed to a shared arrangement. Murray loves this as has two loving homes and twice the treats and cuddles! Murray has the most beautiful temperament, loving, placid and very obedient.


I have to thank my dad for this as he trained Murray on his daily walks and taught Murray most of the commands he knows. We however taught him the fun tricks such as paw, shake and roll!


Initially we had issues as Murray had never been left alone up until the age of 3 as had the company of Deacon (my parents late Golden) or he travels everywhere with me (Murray gets all the attention).


During Melbourne lockdown 2.0, Murray was in my care and we were unable to travel more than 5km from our home… the want to travel Australia was more apparent than ever! Seeing friends and others travelling with their pets made me start to research pet-friendly locations. Talking to friends and other dog owners I learned this was a common issue yet was often quite tricky to do so.


Pawtal was born

There had to be a way to connect pet travellers with pet-friendly services and encourage more people to travel with pets and save money by doing so.

We hope Pawtal will help you create paw memories with your loved one by your side 🐾

Start pet travel today with Pawtal.

Katherine & Murray xo

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