Luxury pet friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula

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Discover the epitome of luxury pet-friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula, where you and your furry companions can indulge in the ultimate getaway experience. Nestled just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula region offers a blend of stunning landscapes, from its pristine beaches to lush hinterlands, all while knowing your pets are welcome too.

As a pet owner myself, I understand the challenges we face when seeking high-end accommodations that cater to our beloved animals. That’s why I’ve researched the best luxury homes, holiday homes, and apartments that not only promise comfort and style but also embrace your pets as valued guests.

Join me as we explore the Mornington Peninsula’s top luxury pet-friendly options, where unforgettable memories await at every turn.

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Why Choose Luxury Pet-Friendly Accommodation?

Choosing luxury pet-friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond just a place to stay. When you opt for private houses, you’re not just getting a room; you’re securing a home away from home. Luxury pet-friendly accommodations often come with fenced yards and other pet comforts, providing a safe and secure area for your pets.

Choosing a private home or luxury villa also can come with private BBQ facilities and pools that an exclusive touch to your stay to add a touch of privacy. Imagine enjoying a leisurely afternoon by the pool or hosting a BBQ under the stars, all within the comfort of your temporary backyard. 

Share costs with friends

Another significant advantage is the ability to share the costs with friends or family. Planning a weekend away on the Mornington Peninsula with friends is an enjoyable and cost-effective way to upscale amenities while splitting the bill.

This aspect not only makes luxury stays more accessible but also enhances the experience by sharing it with loved ones, including your pets.

Opting for luxury pet-friendly accommodation means prioritising comfort, privacy, and the added joy of experiencing a premium getaway with your pet by your side.

Luxury pet friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula

Lets explore some of the best luxury pet friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula by suburb.


In Mornington, you’ll find an array of accommodations, ensuring something for every budget and preference. Enjoy close proximity to several dog-friendly beaches where your pet can play to their heart’s content. Luxurious estates and charming bed-and-breakfasts stand ready to welcome both you and your furry friend for an unforgettable stay.

Where can I visit in Mornington?


Most beaches on the Mornington Peninsula allow dogs on leash, except during daylight savings.

Restaurants and Cafes:
  • Morgan’s Sorrento: A waterfront restaurant serving a coastal French menu for lunch and dinner.
  • Georgie Bass Cafe: A cafe in Flinders that also offers cooking classes.
  • Miss Drew’s Bakery and Dog Cafe: A dog-friendly bakery and cafe.
  • Green Olive at Red Hill: A place to stock up on gourmet goods and enjoy a casual lunch.
Wineries and Cellar Doors:
  • Moorooduc Estate: 501 Derril Rd, Moorooduc.
    Dogs are welcome at the Cellar Door in this family-run vineyard. They are asked to be on a leash as they have a resident peacock
  • Paradigm Hill: 26 Merricks Rd, Merricks.
    Their cellar door is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and leashed dogs are welcome to join you on the timber deck, partaking in the beautiful views
  • Rahona Valley: 3/48 Collins Rd, Dromana.
    They have an outdoor seating space where you can enjoy a wine and cheese plate with your furry friends

It’s always a good idea to check with the specific establishments for their pet policies and any restrictions before visiting.

Lets take a look at some recommended places to stay;

Address: Mornington VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Free parking on-site
  • Pets stay for free
  • Quiet hours enforced
  • No smoking allowed
  • Close to pet-friendly beaches
Price from: $500.00 per night
Accommodation type: entire home, house

Mills Beach House is the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula. With a private beach area, spacious garden, and proximity to pet-friendly beaches, it’s an ideal getaway for pet owners. Enjoy stunning sea views, top-rated amenities, and a welcoming environment for your furry friends.

Click here to book Mills Beach House for your next pet-friendly adventure on the Mornington Peninsula!

To read more about Mills Beach House: 4-bedroom house and Private Beach click;

Arthurs Seat and Red Hill

Arthurs Seat and Red Hill are mountainous localities situated on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, about 85 km southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Where can I take my pet? One of my favourite places here is the Pig and Whistle Tavern where you can indulge in a light lunch and a refreshing beverage. You can also enjoy a cheeky wine at T’Gallant Vineyard or The Epicurean which are also pet-friendly.

Take a look at some recommended places to stay; 

Address: Joie De Vivre Red Hill, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats, William Road, Red Hill VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Free private parking
  • Pets stay for free
  • Spacious garden
  • BBQ facilities available
  • Close to pet-friendly beaches
Price from: $750.00 per night
Accommodation type: entire home, house

Joie de Vivre is a luxurious, pet-friendly holiday home in Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula. Perfect for families and their furry friends, it features a spacious garden, outdoor dining area, and BBQ facilities.

With four bedrooms, two living rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, it offers all the comforts of home. Pets stay for free, and the nearby pet-friendly beaches and walking trails provide endless adventure.

Click here to book Joie de Vivre for a relaxing and memorable pet-friendly getaway.

To read more about Joie de Vivre: 4-bedroom house click;

Rye, Rosebud, Capel Sound, Blairgowrie, Dromana and Frankston

These locations are seaside towns located on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, approximately 63 km (39 mi) south-west of Melbourne’s Central Business Distric. 

Where can I take my pets?

  • Beaches: There are dog-friendly beaches in Rye and Tootgarook. Dogs are prohibited on the beach between Daly Avenue and Shirlow Avenue from 9am to 7pm during daylight saving time.
  • Off-Leash Parks: Tootgarook Recreational Reserve is a fenced area where dogs are permitted off-leash between Leonard Street and Marshall Street.
  • Other Parks: There are several other dog parks in the area, including Brearley Reserve, BA Cairns Reserve, Mornington Park, and Mahoneys Reserve.

Take a look at some recommended places to stay;

Address: 2B Beach Street, Frankston VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Pets Stay Free
  • Lush Garden and Outdoor Space
  • Immediate Beach Access
  • Secure Environment for Pets
  • Plenty of Nearby Pet-Friendly Activities
Price from: $470.00 per night
Accommodation type: house

Embrace the joys of beachfront living at “On the Beach”. Your pets will love the freedom of our lush garden and the exciting beach adventures that await just steps from the door. Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchenette, free WiFi, and the cozy ambiance of our pet-friendly haven.

With a perfect 9.6 location rating and ample outdoor space, this property is the ultimate destination for pet owners seeking a memorable getaway on the Mornington Peninsula. Book now and treat your furry friends to the vacation they deserve!

To read more about On the Beach, Kids & Pets Friendly Mornington Peninsula click;
Address: 44 Woomera Street, Rye VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Spacious garden for pets to play
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Proximity to pet-friendly beaches and trails
Price from: $900.00 per night
Accommodation type: entire home

Peninsula Retreat is a haven for pet owners, featuring a sprawling garden, outdoor swimming pool, and cozy interiors. Your furry friends will have a blast running around the enclosed yard while you relax in comfort. Situated in the tranquil Mornington Peninsula, and close to pet-friendly beaches, this holiday home is the perfect getaway.

Book your stay now and treat your pet to a vacation as enjoyable as yours!

To read more about Pet Paradise at Peninsula Retreat: 4 bedroom house click;
Address: 2069 Point Nepean Road, Rye VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Spacious living area
  • Enclosed outdoor space
  • Easy beach access
  • Pets stay free
Price from: $750.00 per night
Accommodation type: entire home

Escape to Beachfront Bliss – a pet lover’s paradise on the Mornington Peninsula. Revel in a serene environment, designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. From expansive living areas to the adjacent beach, every moment promises a delightful experience for both owner and pet. The property boasts proximity to local parks, making it a top choice for pet owners.

Book now to secure a slice of pet-friendly luxury.

To read more about Pet-friendly Beachfront Bliss: 3-Bedroom house click;
Address: 15 Somerset Drive, Dromana VIC, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Pets welcome, charges may apply.
  • Free private parking on-site.
  • Free WiFi included.
  • Close to Dromana Beach.
  • Bed linen and towels provided.
Price from: $800.00 per night
Accommodation type: entire home, house

Villa Arcadia, nestled in the serene surroundings of Dromana, offers a perfect pet-friendly getaway. With a sprawling garden for pets to frolic in and ocean views that calm the soul, it’s the ultimate retreat. Just a short drive to the pet-friendly Dromana Beach, and with plenty of room for everyone, Villa Arcadia ensures a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

Embrace the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula with your furry friends by your side. Don’t miss out – book your memorable stay at Villa Arcadia today!

To read more about Villa Arcadia: 3-bedroom house click;
It’s important to note that conditions may apply, so it’s best to check with the accommodation provider before booking to ensure that they are still pet-friendly and to confirm any additional requirements or fees.

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Filter to “pets allowed” to search for the perfect accommodation for you and your pets.

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Booking Tips and Safety for Your Pet

Planning a luxury getaway to the Mornington Peninsula with your furry friend requires careful consideration to ensure both a pleasant stay and their safety. Below are crucial tips and advice to help you book the perfect pet-friendly accommodation and keep your pet secure throughout your adventure.

Read our guide on how to find and choose pet-friendly accommodations to discover tips to plan the perfect getaway with pets.

Booking the Ideal Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Check Pet Policies

Ensure understanding of the property’s pet policy, including size/breed restrictions, additional fees, and pet amenities. Not all pet-friendly accommodations have the same policies.

Look for Pet Amenities

Choose accommodations with pet-specific amenities like secure outdoor areas, pet beds, feeding bowls, and nearby walking trails.

Read Reviews

Gain insights into the property’s pet-friendliness by checking reviews from other pet owners who have previously stayed there.

Proximity to Activities

Select a location near pet-friendly activities, beaches, and parks to maximize enjoyment during your stay.

Contact the Property

Reach out directly to the property to clarify any doubts and confirm they can meet your pet’s specific needs.

Ensuring Safety During Your Stay

Pet-Proof the Space

Take time to pet-proof the accommodation upon arrival. Ensure no small, swallowable objects are around, secure any loose wires, and make sure all windows and exits are safe and secure.

Update Pet ID and Microchip Information

Ensure your pet’s ID tag and microchip information are current with your latest contact information before traveling.

Bring Familiar Items

Pack your pet’s favorite toys, bedding, and food to provide a sense of comfort and familiarity in the new environment.

Avoid leaving your pet unattended

Avoid leaving your pet alone in the accommodation, especially during the initial hours of your stay, to prevent anxiety in the unfamiliar setting.

Be Cautious with New Environments

Keep your pet leashed and stay vigilant of their surroundings when exploring, particularly near busy roads, unfamiliar animals, and potential natural hazards.

Stay Hydrated and Cool

Ensure your pet stays hydrated and cool, especially on hot days. Avoid walking during peak heat and always have water available.

Know the Nearest Vet

Be familiar with the location of the nearest veterinarian to be prepared in case of emergencies.

What's Nearby?

The Mornington Peninsula boasts some of the most breathtaking dog-friendly beaches. Let your pup frolic in the waves, chase seagulls, and experience the pure joy of the sand between their paws.

For the more adventurous souls, there are dog-friendly trails that offer scenic views and invigorating walks. These trails allow your dog to explore new scents, sights, and sounds while enjoying quality time together.

Hiking Adventures and Outdoor Exploration

For those seeking a more active outing, the Red Hill Rail Trail presents a perfect opportunity. This 6km dog-friendly hike runs between Merricks and Red Hill, allowing you and your pet to explore the picturesque landscapes of the region together.

Take a look at some of our recommended beaches and walking trails;

Dog-Friendly Cafes and Gourmet Experiences

The Mornington Peninsula is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, with its stunning natural beauty, delicious food and wineAnd the best part? You don’t need to leave your pet behind making it the perfect destination for owners.

Indulge in a culinary adventure with your four-legged friend by your side at the delightful Miss Drew’s Bakery and Dog Cafe in Tyabb. Treat your pet to a delicious pup-cake and a refreshing drink while you enjoy your own snack from the Red Rattler Train Cafe located just opposite.

For a gourmet experience amidst breathtaking views, visit Green Olive at Red Hill, a working farm where you can savor tapas and a glass of wine under the sun while your furry companion relaxes by your side.

Exploring the Region’s Vineyards and Pubs

Discover the region’s renowned wineries with a visit to dog-friendly spots like Tucks and  Pig and Whistle Tavern at Red Hill, ensuring a delightful experience for both wine enthusiasts and pets.

Extend your adventure to the local pubs and bars, with pet-friendly options such as Portsea Hotel and Morgan’s Beach Shack, offering a warm welcome to furry visitors.

Book a Mystery Picnic or visit a Farmers Market

Enhance your Mornington Peninsula experience by visiting one of the local farmers or community markets or perhaps enjoy a mystery picnic. Start with an empty basket and solve clues to collect gourmet food from local artisans as you discover your picturesque picnic spot. Click here to learn more, check availability, and book.

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Looking for something else?

Enhance your experience with some of the region’s famous activities. Please note, some may not be pet-friendly so plan ahead and check with the activity prior to booking.

Leave your pup behind with a pet sitter, pet border, or dog walker, and enjoy some of the amazing experiences the region has to offer.

Don’t compromise on luxury or the joy of traveling with your pets. Explore the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and experience a vacation where every member of the family, including those with paws, is treated to the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

As a fellow pet owner who has navigated the pet-friendly accommodations and activities in the area, I hope this guide serves as a valuable resource for planning your next adventure.

Your furry companion deserves the best, and the Mornington Peninsula certainly delivers on that promise.

Enjoy luxury pet friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula

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