how Pawtal works

5 steps to pet travel

never has it been so easy to travel with pets!

1. create

create account and pet profile

2. request

request pet service & destination

3. connect

connect with located services to discuss your pets needs

4. offer

request an offer or name your price

5. confirm

confirm received offer & checkout

be in control to communicate, meet and confirm services at your leisure

Play Video

request a pet service

request a pet service adding your pet(s), guest(s) and destination requirements

review located services

review and connect with located pet services saved to your pawtinerary 

confirm price or name offer

request an offer to host your pet(s) OR name your own price. Confirm offer and checkout

FREE pet specialist

create a trip and access a FREE personalised pet specialist and other travel tools

travel board

All open pet-travel requests will be saved to the Travel Board. Visitors to Pawtal including registered pet-friendly services will have access to the travel board to correspond, place offers and host pet requests.


Pawtal will promote open jobs on our media outlets to help each job earn offers and secure the required pet services. 

max's adventure

Follow Max on his journey to Sydney, Australia with a step-by-step guide using Pawtal

pet travel benefits

Paw Shop discount: exclusions apply

prices per actual Tasmania itinerary, February 2021