Pet-friendly Travel, how it works!

We make every day a pet adventure whether on the road or at home

Pawtal is a FREE service to assist you with planning trips with your furry companion. From the moment you request a pet service, I reach out to the pet community to create a personalised travel guide tailored to your pet’s breed, size, and unique preferences. I find you the perfect spots for every adventure, ensuring places to stay, dine, and explore are perfect for your pet’s needs.

Understanding the challenges of finding ideal spots for you and your pet, I focus on delivering suggestions that guarantee your travels are filled with joy and ease. Ready to embark on a hassle-free adventure tailored just for you and your pet?

Click here to request a pet service and transform every journey with your pet into a cherished memory.

4 steps to request a pet-friendly service

Submit your request detailing your pet's travel needs

Pawtal searches for options from its community

A pet itinerary is created based on your requirements

Receive a notification to view your pet itinerary

Why join the Pawtal Family

Join the Pawtal family, your go-to place for everything about pet travel and care, making every day an adventure with your furry friends. As your pet travel specialist, I can help you to discover the best pet-friendly spots across Australia.

I offer a personalised travel plan tailored just for your pet, sent as a digital travel card detailing your pet’s journey, suggested pet-friendly activities, a fuel calculator, and much more. You will also gain access to our growing collection of pet-friendly adventures where you can find some fantastic short and long road trips.

As part of our family, you’ll enjoy special perks like a FREE 2024 Pet Travel Planner and discounts on our eBooks. Explore all the benefits of being part of the Pawtal family and embark on your pet’s next adventure with us.

For more information on our family benefits and to start planning your pet’s next big adventure, click here or sign up below.

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Why travel with dogs?
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Did you know 61% of Australian households have a pet today?

That’s 29 million cats, dogs, birds, and more! How many do you think love a pet adventure?

Save on boarding fees and let Pawtal help find you pet-friendly destinationsactivities and services.

Save money and travel with pets

Did you know that you can save money by travelling with pets? Using a real-life example, enjoy a 7-night adventure with your pet and pocket a savings of $189.00. Bring along a second furry companion and watch that saving soar to $222.00!

Discover your potential savings with our FREE pet travel savings calculator. Dive into the Pawtal experience and let your savings journey begin! 🐾

Download our FREE pet travel savings calculator to see how much you can save too! 

Want to find out more ways to Save money with pets? Read our tips here!

In this example, all travel costs remain the same ie; accommodation @ $275.00 per night, travel costs, food and drink, spending, leisure activities, and a pet groom at end of the trip.

The $189.00 in savings comes from pet travel costs vs kennel fees.

How much can you save?

To access the pet travel savings calculator;

  1. submit your details below
  2. the instruction guide on how to access and use the calculator will be sent to your email address
  3. use our fuel calculator to estimate the costs from each of your destinations

Every day is a new adventure with Pawtal

Be part of a community that loves to explore Australia’s stunning landscapes with their pets, experiencing every day as an adventure, whether at home or on the road.

Request a pet service and let me help you to create unforgettable memories with your furry companions.

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save money and travel with pets

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