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Hello and welcome to Pawtal, your FREE service for pet adventures and care. Hi, I’m Katherine, and alongside my cheeky Golden Retriever, Murphy, we’re here to transform your pet adventures into the most memorable experiences.

Our journey together is about creating special moments with pets by your side. Adventures are better with our furry family members joining in!

Here’s what I’m excited to share with you;

By choosing Pawtal, you’re joining a community that places your pet’s well-being at the heart of everything we do. I am here to guide you to the best pet-friendly locations, and exciting activities available. 

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Murray and I You Yangs

My Journey

All my life, I have been surrounded by pets. Coming home to them waiting at the door was the best part of my day. They were always my comfort during hard times (and there were many). Despite my love for pets, I was always told that having a pet while working full-time wasn’t possible.

This belief stayed with me until Murray, a Golden Retriever, became part of my life when I turned 40, through a shared arrangement with my parents. The Covid Melbourne lockdown and statewide curfew presented an unexpected opportunity, allowing Murray to stay with us for several months.

This period was the closest I had come to owning a pet full-time and enabled us to explore our backyard, finding many hidden gems nearby. Then, in 2023, a beautiful Golden puppy Murphy joined our family and heightened the desire to explore my backyard and beyond.

Researching pet-friendly locations nearby was challenging due to limited information and no services offering personalised pet itineraries. This challenge sparked the idea to create Pawtal.

I wanted a solution that considered the requirements of my pets but also simplified the planning process for pet-friendly travel. I wanted a service that offered custom itineraries, recommended pet-friendly locations, and suggested essential pet products for pet owners on the move.

Owning pets and working full-time is a reality for many, including myself. From the shared responsibility of Murray and later fully adopting Murphy, I’ve learned that balancing pet ownership and a busy lifestyle is entirely possible. 

Pawtal is a community for pet lovers who dream of adventure without leaving their furry friends behind. Pets can and should be a part of our greatest adventures.

Join me in making every day an opportunity to discover something new with pets by our side.

Highs and lows of the Pawtal journey;

Introducing Murphy

Introducing Murphy

Murphy, our delightful Golden Retriever puppy, welcomed into the world in April 2023 and already stealing hearts left and right.
At his young age, Murphy radiates playful energy and an irresistible cuteness, paired with a gentle nature that makes him the perfect furry friend.

Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of wagging tails, playful antics, and the warmest cuddles you could ever dream of.

Murphy Loves;

  • Food, food, and more food
  • The garden hose
  • Finding the squeaker in soft toys 
  • Endless cuddles and affection
  • Did I say food?

Get ready to fall head over heels for Murphy, our little ball of Golden Retriever sunshine!

Missing Murray: October ’17 – March ’24

Sadly we lost our beautiful Murray in March 2024 to cancer. Gone too soon, he was a lively 6-year-old Golden Retriever and was living his best life split between two loving homes: mine and my parents. He adored this setup and eagerly anticipated each car ride to switch between his two favorite places.

He was a ball of love and enthusiasm, always up for a swim or a game of fetch in the park. Murray’s joyful spirit and love for adventure make him the perfect companion in seeking out and sharing pet-friendly gems.

Murray’s favourite things were;

  • Joyful car rides between homes
  • Energetic games of fetch
  • Swimming, any time, any place
  • Assisting you in finding the best pet-friendly spots

Murray was more than just a pet; he was a travel companion, a bundle of joy, and a key player in our quest to uncover the most fantastic pet-friendly destinations. Read more about Murray here.

RIP my special friend, you will be forever in my heart.

Murray outside the Berwick Springs Lake and Wetlands

Benefits of travelling with pets

Pet travel offers a unique way to explore new places with furry friends;

Enjoy Their Company

Travelling with pets means safety and happiness for them. No need for constant check-ins. Peace of mind for you.

Create Memories Together

Freedom to make unforgettable memories. They’re part of the adventure. No missing them.


Pets are happiest with their pack leader. Explore new destinations together. Enjoy each other’s company.

Best Travel Buddy

Capture adorable holiday moments. Perfect company in foreign locales or on beaches. Your pet is your top travel companion.

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Your pet adventure awaits!

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