Dog friendly Wineries and Breweries in Margaret River

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Are you looking to explore Margaret River with your pet and searching for places where you can quench your thirst? You’re in luck! I’ve crafted a guide to the best dog-friendly wineries and breweries in Margaret River. This region, renowned for its stunning landscapes and superb wines and beers, is also accommodating to pets.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine and beer enthusiast or just looking for a relaxing day out with your dog, you’ll find plenty of options. From expansive estates with plenty of room for your pup to roam, to cozy spots where you can savor a glass of wine or a pint of beer with your dog by your side, I’ve covered it all.

So, leash up your buddy, pack some treats, and discover the perfect spots for both of you to unwind and enjoy some of the finest drinks Margaret River has to offer!

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A joyful Golden Retriever running towards the camera in a vineyard, with grapevines and the warm glow of sunlight creating an inviting and playful scene

Why Visit Margaret River with Your Dog?

Margaret River Region is renowned for its welcoming attitude towards pets, making it a stress-free destination for travellers with four-legged companions.

The natural beauty of Margaret River is something you and your dog can explore side by side. With sprawling vineyards, lush forests, and scenic walking trails, there’s no shortage of sights and smells to stimulate and delight your furry friend. Many of the trails are dog-friendly, allowing leashed pets to join in on hikes and outdoor activities, giving you the exercise and relaxation you need.

The community’s pet-friendly approach is evident in the number of establishments that welcome dogs. From wineries and breweries that encourage you to bring your dog along while you taste the region’s finest drinks, to cafes and restaurants where dogs are greeted with water bowls and treats, your pet will feel right at home.

So pack your dog’s favorite toys and prepare for a trip that will make tails wag and create lasting memories for you and your best friend.

dog-friendly Wineries in the Margaret River Region

dog-friendly Wineries in the Margaret River Region

Margaret River is a treasure trove of dog-friendly venues where you can enjoy the local wines without having to leave your four-legged friend behind.

Here are some of the top dog-friendly wineries in the region;

Address: Swings & Roundabouts, Caves Road, Yallingup WA, Australia
Need to Know:
  • Leash Required
  • Water Bowls Provided
  • Bring bags to clean up after your pup
  • Booking Recommended
  • Live Music Sundays

Swings & Roundabouts, a dog-friendly winery in Margaret River, offers a relaxed day out with your furry friend. With wide-open lawns, shaded picnic tables, wood-fired pizzas, and live music, it’s the perfect place for wine lovers and their pups to unwind.

Discover more pet-friendly adventures nearby, including the Margaret River Mouth Beach, and Brewhouse Margaret River. Plan your visit to this picturesque winery and experience Margaret River with your pup by your side.

To read more about Swings and Roundabouts: Dog-Friendly Margaret River click;

dog-friendly House of Cards

Address17/5 Quininup Rd, Yallingup WA 6282

House of Cards is a dog-friendly winery located in the Margaret River region. It is a 100% single organic vineyard winery where every wine is handcrafted to the finest detail.

The winemaking processes here include hand plunging and manual basket pressing, which are more traditional than in most places.

Dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating area and inside the Cellar Door when there is sufficient space. It is a great spot for sipping wine and hanging out with your pup.

To read more about the dog-friendly House of Cards winery, click here

Lentedal Vineyard Estate

Address571 Vasse-Yallingup Siding Rd, Marybrook WA 6280

Lentedal Vineyard Estate is a dog-friendly winery situated near Busselton and Dunsborough. It not only boasts views of the surrounding area but visitors can also unwind on the terrace, indulging in a glass of wine in the company of their furry friends.

The estate ensures the utmost comfort for dogs by providing refreshing water bowls and ample shade outdoors, ensuring a delightful experience for both owners and their beloved pets.

To read more about the dog-friendly Lentedal Vineyard Estate winery, click here

Hay Shed Hill

Address511 Harmans Mill Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Hay Shed Hill, located in the scenic Wilyabrup Valley of Margaret River, is a renowned dog-friendly winery. With its extensive range of wines and a cellar door that showcases its offerings, it stands as a pioneer vineyard in the region. The winery’s restaurant, Rustico at Hay Shed Hill, serves delectable dishes using local and seasonal produce, earning high praise on TripAdvisor.

It’s a perfect destination for wine enthusiasts to visit with their furry companions, enjoy a glass of wine, and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Margaret River region.

To read more about the dog-friendly Hay Shed Hill winery, click here

Howard Park Cellar Door

Address: 543 Miamup Road, Cowaramup, Western Australia, 6284

Located in Cowaramup within the picturesque Margaret River region of Western Australia, Howard Park Cellar Door stands as a dog-friendly winery. While dogs are not allowed inside the Cellar Door, they are welcome on the property outside, provided they are on a leash and supervised at all times.

As a family-owned and operated winery, Howard Park offers a comprehensive wine-tasting experience, making it a renowned destination in Western Australia. Visitors can enjoy the company of their furry friends while savoring a glass of wine amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Margaret River region.

Additionally, the winery’s proximity to other dog-friendly wineries, such as Hay Shed Hill Wines, adds to the appeal of the area for dog owners and wine enthusiasts alike.

To read more about the dog-friendly Howard Park Cellar Door winery, click here

Flametree Wines

Address7 Chain Ave, Dunsborough WA 6281

Flametree Wines, nestled in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, is a hidden gem often overlooked by visitors who gravitate towards more popular wineries. However, it offers a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. 

The winery prides itself on providing a relaxed and informative wine-tasting experience. Dogs are warmly welcomed on the property outside, as long as they are leashed and supervised at all times. With a diverse selection of wines, including the highly recommended Flametree Chardonnay, this dog-friendly winery is an ideal destination to enjoy a glass of wine while embracing the scenic beauty of the Margaret River region alongside your furry friend.

To read more about the dog-friendly Flametree Wines winery, click here

Snake + Herring

Address3763 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Snake + Herring, situated in Wilyabrup within the captivating Margaret River wine region, is a welcoming and dog-friendly winery. They happily invite dogs to their cellar door, embracing their presence. Located on Caves Road, the winery offers an ideal setting for wine tasting. The cellar door features a fantastic grassed area where dogs can freely frolic and play.

Snake + Herring is renowned for their innovative winemaking techniques, crafting wines that authentically reflect the unique sites and styles. With a diverse selection of wines, including the highly recommended Cabernet Petit Verdot Merlot, visitors can indulge in a glass of wine while admiring the picturesque scenery alongside their furry companions.

To read more about the dog-friendly Snake + Herring winery, click here

Cullen Wines Biodynamic Wine Room

Address4323 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Located in Wilyabrup, Western Australia, the dog-friendly Cullen Wines Biodynamic Wine Room is a must-visit winery in the Margaret River region. Indulge in up to five exquisite certified biodynamic wines while enjoying the relaxed ambiance.

With excellent TripAdvisor reviews, it’s an ideal spot for wine lovers and their furry companions.

To read more about the dog-friendly Cullen Wines Biodynamic Wine Room, click here

The Berry Farm, Rosa Glen

Address43 Bessell Rd, Rosa Glen WA 6285

The Berry Farm is a dog-friendly rustic cottage cafe located in Rosa Glen, about 20 minutes from Margaret River. The establishment offers a range of food and drinks, including homemade jams, preserves, and wines.

The cafe is set in a beautiful location with a garden and a lake, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch or afternoon tea with pets.

To read more about the dog-friendly The Berry Farm, Rosa Glen, click here

It’s important to note that some places may have restrictions on dogs, such as requiring them to be on a leash or not allowing them inside.

It’s always a good idea to check ahead of time and be respectful of any rules or guidelines in place.

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dog-friendly Breweries in the Margaret River Region

Exploring Margaret River with your furry friend includes discovering some of the best dog-friendly breweries in the area. These breweries ensure a welcoming atmosphere for your pets.

Here’s a list of top spots where you can enjoy a pint with your pup by your side;

Shelter Brewing Co, dog-friendly Breweries in the Margaret River Region
Shelter Brewing Co, Busselton

Shelter Brewing Co

Address11 Foreshore Parade, Busselton WA 6280

Shelter Brewing Co, situated in Busselton, Western Australia, is a dog-friendly brewery and restaurant that offers a distinct array of beers and seasonal menus. With a welcoming outdoor area, the establishment is both family-friendly and pet-friendly, creating an inviting atmosphere for dogs.

It is listed as one of the dog-friendly breweries in the Margaret River region and presents an excellent venue to savor a beer and enjoy a meal alongside your furry friend.

To read more about Shelter Brewing Co, click here

Wild Hop Brewing Co

Address1301 Wildwood Rd, Yallingup WA 6282

Wild Hop Brewing Co, situated in Yallingup, Western Australia, is a dog-friendly brewery that offers a rotating tap list and menu. The establishment prides itself on being welcoming to both kids and dogs, creating an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

As one of the dog-friendly breweries in the Margaret River region, Wild Hop Brewing Co ensures a relaxed and casual setting for visitors to enjoy a beer and a meal in the company of their furry companions.

To read more about Wild Hop Brewing Co, click here

Cowaramup Brewing Co

Address229 Treeton Rd N, Cowaramup WA 6284

Located in Cowaramup, Western Australia, Cowaramup Brewing Co stands as a dog-friendly brewery. This family-owned microbrewery offers a wide selection of quality handcrafted ales, lagers, and local wines. Set in a scenic rural landscape, the brewery is situated four kilometers east of Bussell Highway in Cowaramup.

As a listed dog-friendly establishment, it is an excellent destination to enjoy a beer and a meal in the company of your furry friend amidst the picturesque rural surroundings.

To read more about Cowaramup Brewing Co, click here

Cheeky Monkey

Address4259 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Cheeky Monkey, a dog-friendly destination, invites you to experience their vibrant atmosphere and craft beers.

Located in the Margaret River region, this brewery offers a range of delicious brews while providing a welcoming environment for both humans and their furry friends.

To read more about dog-friendly Cheeky Monkey, click here

Black Brewing Co

Address3517 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Black Brewing Co, situated in Wilyabrup, Western Australia, is a dog-friendly brewery known for its craft beers inspired by the Margaret River region. This establishment prides itself on offering a range of uncompromising craft beers and Australian cuisine made with seasonal produce.

Being listed as a dog-friendly brewery it provides a relaxed and unpretentious setting to enjoy a beer and indulge in a meal alongside your furry friend.

To read more about Black Brewing Co, click here

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Address10 Marine Terrace, Busselton WA 6280

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, located in Jindong, Western Australia, is a dog-friendly brewery known for its farm-based production. Customers are welcome to bring their furry friends to accompany them while enjoying their beer. Rocky Ridge Brewing Co takes pride in offering a range of sustainably produced craft beers from Western Australia. Additionally, they have an online beer called “Me & My Dog” available for purchase.

Overall, this farm-based production brewery provides an excellent setting to savor a beer and share a meal with your furry friend.

To read more about Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, click here


Address177 Gale Rd, Metricup WA 6280

Beerfarm, a dog-friendly brewery located in Metricup, Western Australia, offers a delightful experience for beer enthusiasts and their furry companions. With a rustic setting and a wide range of craft beers, Beerfarm is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy quality brews.

Bring your four-legged friend along and soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the heart of the Margaret River region.

To read more about dog-friendly beerfarm, click here

Each of these breweries in Margaret River provides a relaxing environment where you can enjoy quality brews and spend quality time with your dog.

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What to Expect When Visiting Wineries and Breweries with Your Dog

Visiting wineries and breweries in Margaret River with your dog can be a delightful experience, but it’s good to know what to expect and how to prepare.

Most venues in this region are incredibly welcoming to pets, but there are a few guidelines and tips to ensure that you and your furry friend have a pleasant time.

1. Space to Explore: Many wineries and breweries feature spacious outdoor areas where your dog can stretch their legs. These places often have shaded spots and water bowls available to keep your dog cool and hydrated.

2. Leash Requirements: To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, dogs are typically required to be on a leash at all times. This helps manage interactions with other pets and people, especially in crowded or busy settings.

3. Special Amenities: Some venues go the extra mile by offering treats on the menu. It’s always a good idea to check the website or call ahead to see what is available for pets.

4. Etiquette: As a pet owner, it’s important to be mindful of your dog’s behaviour. Keeping your dog well-behaved and cleaning up after them is essential to maintaining a friendly environment.

5. Relax and Enjoy: With a little preparation, visiting these dog-friendly locales can be a stress-free and enjoyable outing.

Other Dog-Friendly Attractions in Margaret River Region

Beyond the vineyards, the magnificent Margaret River Region offers dog-friendly activities for you and your furry companion to enjoy. Embark on scenic walks along breathtaking coastal trails, explore pet-friendly beaches, or savor delicious treats at dog-friendly cafes.

Staying a weekend or planning a longer stay, look at our recommended pet-friendly accommodations in the Margaret River Region including campgrounds, resorts, and houses.

Some activities to check out are;

  • Visit dog-friendly beaches such as Gnarabup dog beach, Prevelly, Gracetown Beach, and Geographe. For a full list of dog-friendly beaches, click here.
  • Go on a hike or bike ride at the Rails to Trails (Wadandi) track
  • Check out the surfing breaks at Surfer’s Point in Prevelly
  • Take a guided pet-friendly wine tour with Grape Escape South West Wine Tours.
  • Go on a scenic drive with your dog and explore the region’s natural beauty

Enhance your experience with some of the region’s famous activities. Please note, some may not be pet-friendly so plan ahead and check with the activity prior to booking.

Leave your pup behind with a pet sitter, pet border, or dog walker, and enjoy some of the amazing experiences the region has to offer.

It’s important to note that some activities may have restrictions on where dogs are allowed, so it’s best to check beforehand.

Additionally, there are national parks in the Margaret River region where dogs are not allowed, so it’s important to check for dog-friendly areas before departing.

Margaret River is sure to provide a backdrop for an unforgettable escape

Don’t forget to share your own experiences and tips for travelling with dogs in Margaret River! Drop us comment, or post on your favorite social media platform. Your insights will help other pet owners plan their perfect trip.

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