Dog-Friendly Camping Australia: Tips for Adventuring with Your Pet

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Are you dreaming of packing up your tent and exploring the stunning landscapes of Australia with your furry buddy by your side? Finding campsites where dogs are welcomed, can feel like a big task.

Whether you’re after the cool shade of state forests, the convenience of caravan parks, or the stunning views of pet-friendly beaches, I’m here to point you in the right direction. I understand how important it is to share these moments with your pet, and I’m excited to help make your next camping trip a breeze.

Let’s dive into how you can create unforgettable memories with your dog, exploring the beauty of Australia together, stress-free and full of joy. For more detailed guides and tips, check out our dog-friendly camping adventures.

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Discovering Dog-Friendly Campsites

When it comes to camping with your dog, the key to a successful adventure lies in finding the right spot where both you and your furry friend feel welcome. Australia is dotted with incredible places to explore, and thankfully, many of them are dog-friendly. But how do you find these spots?

Here’s a simple guide to help you discover the best campsites across Australia where your dog can join in on the fun.

Using Dog-Friendly Camping Directories

One of the simplest ways to find dog-friendly campsites is through apps and directories designed for campers. For example, the WikiCamps Australia app is a fantastic resource. With its dog-friendly filter, you can easily locate campsites that welcome your furry friend all year round.

It’s like having a pet-friendly travel agent in your pocket!

Exploring Beyond National Parks

Unlike many national parks, state forests often welcome dogs. These areas offer a variety of scenic camping spots where your dog can roam more freely. They’re perfect for those who love to hike and explore nature without leaving their dog behind.

Caravan Parks and Showgrounds

Don’t overlook caravan parks and showgrounds. Many of these locations across Australia are pet-friendly and come with the added bonus of affordable rates. They often provide basic amenities, making your camping experience comfortable and convenient.

State-Specific Guides

To make your planning even easier, I’ve started compiling guides for dog-friendly campsites in each state. For instance, Victoria is home to some fabulous locations where your dog can enjoy the great outdoors with you. Check out this detailed guide to dog-friendly campsites in Victoria for some great options.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore and add more states to the list, creating a comprehensive resource for you and your pup.

Incorporating State Guides into Your Planning

Beyond apps, various websites and online guides offer lists of pet-friendly campsites and holiday parks. These resources can be invaluable for pinpointing specific locations that cater to their needs.

Still can’t find what you need? Request a pet service and we will curate you a pet-friendly trip that meets your location and pet needs!

Keep an eye on this space as I work on adding more states to our dog-friendly camping guide, ensuring you have the latest and most comprehensive information at your fingertips.

Happy camping!

GPS POI Downloads

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A joyful man with a beard hugs a Doberman wrapped in a teal blanket, with a campsite and outdoor chairs in the background, reflecting a moment of companionship and adventure in nature.

Packing for Your Pooch

Heading out on a camping trip with your dog is an adventure that promises lots of fun and memorable moments. But to make sure both you and your furry friend enjoy the outing to the fullest, packing the right gear for your dog is essential.

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you pack everything your dog will need for a happy and safe camping experience.


Portable Dog Tent

A cozy spot for your dog to sleep and stay protected from the elements.

Dog Sleeping Bag

Keeps your dog warm during chilly nights.

Dog Life Jacket

Essential for safety if your camping adventures involve water activities.

Check out our recommended dog life jackets here.

First Aid Kit (Dog-Specific)

Contains items tailored for dogs, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tick removal tools.

Portable Bowls

For feeding and hydrating your dog on the go. Take a look at our recommended portable water bowls here.

Leash and Stake

To secure your dog at the campsite, allowing them freedom to roam safely within bounds.

Biodegradable Poop Bags

For responsible disposal of waste, keeping camping areas clean and environmentally friendly. 

Identification Tags

Ensure your dog’s collar has up-to-date ID tags in case they wander off.

I recommend Bright Star Buddies and you can get 10% off with PALS10. Click for more.

Updated Microchip Information

Double-check that your dog’s microchip details are current before you leave.

Tick Prevention

Protect your dog from ticks and other pests, especially in wooded or grassy areas.

Dog Towels

For drying off your dog after swimming or getting caught in the rain.

Comfort Items

Include a favorite toy or blanket to help your dog feel secure in a new environment.

Dog Gear Product Guides

Here’s a rundown of essential dog gear, complete with reviews, to help you pack for your next adventure. For more of our recommended and tested pet products, make sure to visit Pet Hub! 

Preparing for a camping trip with your dog might seem like a lot at first, but with this checklist, you can ensure you have all the essentials.

Packing the right items not only keeps your dog safe and comfortable but also allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together. 

So, pack up, hit the road, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with your best four-legged friend!

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Dog-Friendly Activities

Bringing your dog along on a camping trip ensures activities that enhance the experience for both of you. Australia’s diverse landscapes offer countless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Here are some dog-friendly activities to consider during your camping trip;


Hiking Trails

Explore scenic trails that allow dogs.Check if the trail requires dogs to be on a leash and bring enough water for you and your dog.

Beach Days

Visit dog-friendly beaches where pets can play in the sand and surf.Always clean up after your dog and watch out for hot sand on sunny days.

Swimming Spots

Find safe swimming areas for dogs to cool off.Monitor your dog in the water and consider a doggy life jacket for safety.

Dog Parks

Utilise off-leash dog parks near camping sites for play and socialisation.Keep an eye on your dog at all times and follow the park’s rules.


Enjoy outdoor meals together in pet-friendly picnic areas.Bring a portable bowl for your dog and keep them away from toxic foods.

Nature Watching

Observe wildlife and nature with your dog by your side.Teach your dog to be calm and quiet to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

Camping Games

Engage in fun camping games like fetch or hide-and-seek.Choose toys that are safe and won’t get lost easily in the outdoors.

Photography Sessions

Capture the beauty of your adventure with pet-centric photos.Early morning or late afternoon light is perfect for stunning shots.

Always consider the safety and comfort of your pet and the natural environment while engaging in these activities.

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Local Regulations and Etiquette

When planning a camping trip with your furry friend in Australia, be aware of local regulations and practice good camping etiquette. This ensures not only the safety and comfort of your dog but also that of fellow campers and wildlife.

Here’s what you need to know;

  1. Leash Laws: Most campsites and public parks require dogs to be on a leash at all times unless in a designated off-leash area. Leashes help prevent encounters with wildlife and ensure dogs don’t wander off or disturb other campers.
  2. Waste Disposal: Always clean up after your dog. Bring biodegradable poop bags and dispose of them in designated waste bins. Leaving dog waste behind is unpleasant for others and can also harm the environment.
  3. Noise Control: Keep barking and noise to a minimum. Continuous noise can disrupt the peace of the camping area and wildlife. If your dog is prone to barking, consider training or strategies to manage their behaviour in a new environment.
  4. Wildlife Protection: Australia is home to unique wildlife that can be sensitive to disturbance. Ensure your dog doesn’t chase or harass wildlife. This protects both the animals and your dog from potential harm.
  5. Campsite Boundaries: Respect the boundaries of your campsite and don’t allow your dog to invade the space of others. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and it’s important to maintain a respectful distance.
  6. Sharing Trails: When on hiking trails, keep your dog under control, especially when encountering other hikers or dogs.
  7. Check for Restrictions: Before you head out, check for any specific regulations at your chosen campsite or park. Some areas might have temporary restrictions due to wildlife nesting periods or environmental concerns.

By following these regulations and practicing good etiquette, you and your dog can enjoy the great Australian outdoors ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Tips for a Smooth Camping Experience

Camping with your dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences, filled with exploration and bonding. To ensure it’s enjoyable for both you and your pet, it’s crucial to prepare and follow some key tips.

Here’s how to ensure a smooth camping experience;

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

  • Keep Them Active: Regular exercise is essential. Plan for hikes or walks that suit your dog’s fitness level.
  • Engage Their Mind: Bring toys for mental stimulation, like puzzle toys or balls for fetch. New environments provide plenty of mental exercise, too!

Safety First

  • Preventive Measures: Stay up-to-date with flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Check local wildlife risks and prepare accordingly.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have a first-aid kit for your dog. Know the location of the nearest vet to your camping site.

Maintaining Cleanliness

  • Paw Cleaning: Bring a paw cleaner or wipes to clean your dog’s paws before entering the tent or car.
  • Waste Management: Always clean up after your dog using biodegradable bags and dispose of them properly.

Comfort and Sleeping Arrangements

  • Bedding: Ensure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep, whether it’s in your tent on their own bed or a special dog tent.
  • Familiar Items: Bring along a favourite toy or blanket to help them feel secure in the new environment.

Identification and Health

  • Up-to-Date ID: Make sure your dog’s collar has an ID tag with current contact information. Microchipping is also recommended.
  • Health Checks: Visit your vet for a check-up before embarking on a long trip to ensure your dog is fit for travel.

Plan for Weather and Environment

  • Weather Gear: Depending on the season, pack for your dog’s comfort – consider a cooling vest for heat, or a warm jacket and booties for cold climates.
  • Environment-Specific Needs: Beach camping? Bring a life jacket. Hiking in rugged terrain? Protective booties can be a paw-saver.

Setting Up a Pet-Friendly Campsite

Creating a comfortable and safe environment for your dog while camping is essential. Here are some tips to ensure your campsite is pet-friendly:

  • Choose Shaded Camping Spots: Ensure your dog stays cool by selecting a campsite with plenty of shade.

  • Secure a Portable Dog Fence: Use a portable dog fence to create a secure area for your dog to roam safely.

  • Bring a Dog Sleeping Bag: Keep your dog warm during chilly nights with a dedicated dog sleeping bag.

  • Use a Secure Leash Stake: Ensure your dog is safely tethered with a secure leash stake.

  • Pack Essentials: Include food, water, toys, and a first aid kit in your packing list to keep your dog happy and healthy. To shop our recommended pet essentials, click here.

  • Designate a Pet Area: Set up a specific area in your campsite with your dog’s bed, toys, and water bowl to make them feel at home.

  • Maintain Hydration: Always have fresh water available for your dog to keep them hydrated throughout your camping trip.

  • Provide Insect Protection: Use pet-safe insect repellent to protect your dog from ticks and mosquitoes.

By following these tips, you can ensure a pleasant and safe camping experience for both you and your dog.

Dog-Friendly Camping Australia offers a unique joy!

Camping with pets brings companionship that enhances the beauty of the outdoors. By following the tips and advice provided, you’re well on your way to creating lasting memories with your furry friend.

Preparation and knowledge are key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable camping experience for both you and your pet. Happy camping, and don’t forget to leave no trace and keep Australia’s beautiful outdoors pristine for everyone (and every pet) to enjoy!

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