Behaviour and Training

Behaviour and Training

Transform your pet’s behavior with expert training tips and behavioural advice that cater to pets of all ages and temperaments. From basic obedience training to solving complex behavioural issues, our guides cover a range of techniques using positive reinforcement.

Discover tools and resources to help you build a stronger, more harmonious relationship with your pet, ensuring they are well-behaved and happy.

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Hello! I'm Katherine, founder of Pawtal. Alongside my Golden Retriever Murphy, I've turned 25 years of corporate expertise into creating pet-friendly travel adventures. Join us for tips, and guides on making trips with your pets fun, affordable, and stress-free. Let's explore Australia together with our furry friends!

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Love to spoil your pets? Visit Pet Hub, a growing list of products I love and use with my own Golden Retriever, or have been personally recommended.

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