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The pet industry is growing!

Are you involved in a pet-friendly business in Australia? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the thriving pet industry by adding your pet service to our platform. 

Pawtal is a pet service that helps pet owners find pet-friendly services and activities across Australia. Create a business listing complete with images, social media links, pets you host, house rules, contact information and a description.

When a pet owner submits a pet request, we leverage our pet community to identify suitable options that match their specific travel and pet needs. If your business is located within the relevant travel region, you will appear in their search results and can be added to their travel planner. 

Questions? Contact Pawtal and we will be able to guide you through the process.

why list your business with Pawtal?

Free Marketing

Benefit from our platform's marketing efforts, driving traffic to your business at no cost

Targeted Audience

Gain leads directly from pet owners actively seeking related pet-friendly services

Increased Visibility

Enhance your business's online presence and attract more pet owners to your services and region of travel

Community Building

Join a network of pet-friendly businesses, fostering partnerships and collaborative opportunities

Did you know that the pet industry is worth a staggering $13 billion dollars to Australia after a spike in ownership, become pet-friendly, enjoy the benefits and join the growing trend!

some of the benefits include…

Lowers stress

Lower Stress Levels

studies show employees at pet-friendly businesses showed lower stress hormone levels compared to businesses who didn’t

Improved Morale, pet-friendly restaurant

Improved Morale

from laughing at their silly antics to stealing a few cuddles, the office atmosphere is always more light-hearted and relaxed

Boosts Productivity

Boosts Productivity

the presence of our four-legged best friends can help diffuse tension and provide support when stress levels are high

Join a supportive pet community

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If you would like to get in contact, to discuss any questions on adding your pet service, please find our contact details here.

Let us know what you need to help you invite pets into your establishment or how Pawtal can support you.

Pet adventures await!

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your questions answered

Pet owners will submit a pet request or search our list of pet-friendly options. If your pet service is the same service type and located in their region of travel, your business will be shown. 

Absolutely! Pet owners will reach out to you just as they currently do. The key change is that your business will now be featured on a specialised pet platform, which is frequented by a large community of pet owners actively seeking your services.

Once the service is completed, the customer has the opportunity to evaluate your service and provide a testimonial in the same manner as current submission processes. Additionally, a notification will be dispatched through Pawtal, prompting the customer to submit their feedback on this platform as well.

Pawtal does not function as a travel agency and is not responsible for arranging bookings or managing payments for pet travelers. The responsibility for all bookings and transactions rests solely between you and the client.

No Pawtal is and will always be 100% free to list your business and pet services.

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