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add a pet service or listing and match with Pawtal’s family and pets

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research says…

“businesses that welcome pets are likely to see increased foot traffic and have greater patronage”

benefits of adding a pet service

Businesses that welcome pets are likely to see increased foot traffic and greater patronage
Research has shown that pets promote interactions between staff resulting in an improved social atmosphere
You are more likely to be able to hire and retain staff (especially when it comes to Millennials!)
Trust and communication rival stress and promote productivity, causing improved morale and reduced absenteeism
Being pet friendly will help your brand that is used to differentiate the company to potential recruits
Reduced stress means less stress-related ailments and the healthcare costs that accompany them

FREE business guide

Register your pet-friendly business with Pawtal and gain access to your FREE Business Guide. 


The guide provides tips and instructions as you commence your Pawtal journey as a pet-friendly business. 

whats included?

  • getting started
  • my business & portal
  • creating a profile
  • destination requests
  • matching with pet travellers
  • travel board
  • travel status
  • offers
  • pet adventures
  • calendar
  • next steps
  • accidents & incidents
  • payments, cancellations and refunds
Pawtal Business Guide
Pawtal, add a pet service


A match will occur when a pet traveller requires a service that meets your criteria:

  1. paw type 
  2. pet service 
  3. region of your service address

Matches will be saved to your leads to review the requirements and pets profile(s). Communicate and make an offer to win the pet-travellers service or accept the travellers price offered. 

Confirmed offers will be saved to your bookings and can be added to your calendar.

Not getting any matches?

All open requests will be saved to the travel board.

Find a job you like, correspond, make an offer and win the pet request.

pet requests

All open pet travel requests will be saved to the travel board.

See a pet request you wish to host?


Make an offer and profile will be saved into your offers. 

Correspond with pet traveller through Paw Chats or notes to understand the pet requirements.

pet adventures

Pawtal pet adventures

pet adventures are added through confirmed bookings & linked to destinations

A notification is sent when a new adventure is posted

fees & charges

  • Pawtal will deduct 15% of all monies paid for services booked through the Pawtal travel portal
    (government fees and charges are additional)
  • All payments are fully paid in advance to Pawtal prior to travel
  • Commissions paid upon conclusion of service
  • Refer to our cancellation policy in terms for refunds

add a pet service

add password

Pawtal, add a pet service

pet-friendly service questions

Pet Travellers create a pet itinerary listing the destinations and pet services they require.


If you are located within the vicinity of the pet travellers destination and your profile matches the pets requirements, a match has occurred.  The destination profile will be added to your leads to place an offer for service. 

Yes! You are completely in control.

Only correspond to the jobs you want and make an offer to win their service. 

All jobs matched include access to the pets profile with photos, details, behaviour’s and any special requirements.

Yes! Offers can be changed as often as you like to compete with other pet services in your area.

Communicate with the pet traveller to answer any questions they may have.

Review the status of the job to understand if the offer can be changed.


Offer NOT paid in full?

Yes! You can modify the confirmed offer as it has not been paid.  Ensure dates are outside 7 days of travel. 


Paid in full

No, the confirmed offer cannot be changed.

Email for assistance.

Terms and Conditions will apply.


Within 7 days of travel

No, the confirmed bid cannot be changed.

Email for assistance.

Terms and Conditions will apply.

If your offer is successful, continue communication until completion of service.

Share updates of pets travel including photos with pet adventures and earn star ratings. 

Changes to plans occur all the time. Any booking that is cancelled within our terms and paid in full can be refunded.

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes! A travel board is available to place offers on jobs you are not automatically matched with as outside your vicinity or pet differs from your profile requirements. 

Find a job you like? 

Add to your leads and make an offer.

All confirmed jobs will be added to your bookings and can be added to your google calendar.

You will be sent a notification advising that you are the successful bidder. 

On the unlikely chance something goes wrong, you can be covered by Pawtal’s Public Liability Insurance policy for damages.

Refer terms 11.4.6 for details

The customer can rate your service and leave a testimonial.  You have access to leave a review on pets profile.

Confirmed services are paid to Pawtal in full prior to pet travel. Commission will be paid to you upon completion of service. 

Yes, Pawtal charges a 15% fee for all services provided.

To experience the best of Pawtal create both a Business and Traveller profile each with its own unique email address.

This is due to content, profile matching and notifications.

Note: all new pet-friendly business profiles will need to be approved by Pawtal before being published.


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