travel solutions with pets

Never has it been so easy to travel with pets!

Imagine checking into a pet-friendly hotel with a welcome treat and your chosen pet food waiting for you upon arrival. Your pet is collected by a nearby pet boarder as you visit a tourist attraction then dropped back to you in time for lunch at a pet-friendly cafe. You end the day with a scenic pet-friendly walk that has been recommended to you in advance.  At the conclusion of your trip, your paw-memories are captured in a video diary or photo book to share with family and friends. 


Let Pawtal make this a reality as your pet’s itinerary has been booked and organised in advance allowing you to explore our country knowing your pet(s) are looked after each paw of the way.


How does it work?

Request a pet-friendly service and Pawtal will locate suitable options and activities that meet your pet needs, location and requirements.


Pet Travel specialist

Need multiple pet requests? Create a trip and link each pet request. Gain access to FREE travel benefits including a personalised pet travel specialist to provide you with alternate travel suggestions in times where you are unable to include your pets or unsure of pet-friendly options nearby. Other FREE benefits include:

  • correspond with pet travel specialist
  • map plotter

  • pet budget

  • travel calculator

Travel Board

Pawtal will promote your request on the travel board and social outlets attracting pet-friendly services that meet your pet requirements.  


Find a service that meets your needs?

Review the pet-friendly service profile including descriptions of services, photos and previous testimonials to determine if they will be a good match for your pet(s) and request an offer. Continue communication or make an appointment to meet.


Name your price

If the pet-friendly service accepts this option and you have received an offer, name your price or confirm the current price. Add to your calendar so you never miss a service. 

Know your pet is in good hands with their pet adventures sent to you that can be made into a travel book or video diary to share with family and friends.

Your pet adventure awaits!


To provide pet travel solutions connecting travellers with pet-friendly services and activities throughout Australia.


To be Australia’s leading pet travel service delivering travel solutions with pets.