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Travelling with pets has never been so easy!

Going away and not sure what to do with your pets? Bring them with you.

Pawtal provides travel options with pets. Add destinations from your travel agenda where a pet service is required and Pawtal will locate pet-friendly services and activities that meet your pet(s) needs, location and requirements. 

Know your pet(s) are in good hands with pet adventures that includes your pets photos and updates as you travel. 


Pawtal will change the way you travel.

Don’t waste time and money boarding your pets, join the family and create paw-memories with your furry friend by your side. 

5 steps to pet travel

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Join the community where your pet is the star attraction!

  • personalised pet travel specialist locating pet-friendly services in region of travel
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  • make new friends in the community forum, ‘talking pets
  • discover new pet-friendly destinations & travel tips
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pet travel

Travelling with pets has never been so easy!

Choose your pet travel adventure dependent on your travel needs. Do you need the ultimate pet travel experience or a 1-time spoil?

Each will locate pet-friendly services and activities that meet your needs, location and requirements. 


Unlock your 1st FREE Pet Travel adventure by subscribing to Pawtal and claiming the code. 

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The ultimate travel package for your pet(s). Pamper your pets with VIPaws.

Paw Travel

A personalised pet itinerary locating pet-friendly services and activities using the destinations added from your travel agenda.

Paw Spoils

A personalised pet travel specialist to locate a pet-friendly service that meets your requirements with suggested activities.

join the pawtal family & get 10% off pet merchandise *

Spoil your pet with a range of products including pet travel merchandise and more. Food available on request.

Paw Shop discount: exclusions apply

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24-48 hours after purchase

payment options

major credit cards, ApplePay, PayPal & AfterPay


12 month warranty on most items purchased


returns available for products within 14 days of arrival

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Pawtal subscribers and members receive 10% off pet merchandise

paw party

Celebrating your pets birthday with a party is a fun way to catch up with friends, family and other pets. What could be more memorable then a day of paws, treats and cuddles!

Host a paw party, choose a venue, invite your friends and let Pawtal take care of the rest. 


services can include:

  • personalised pet party planner
  • invitations & RSVP’s
  • venue sourcing and bookings
  • paw treats and event catering
  • pet activities
  • paw gift on arrival
  • paw adventure story on Pawtal’s social pages
  • Pawtal photo book or video diary on request to capture memories
pet-friendly destinations, travel tips, love & fun! 

Read stories from our Pawtal family including their favourite pet-friendly destinations and discover new adventures for your pets.


Do you have your own story to tell, a previous pet travel adventure or have you learned some pet travel tips you’d love to share? Add your stories and gain access to the Pawtal lucky wheel.


Meet Murray, my beautiful Golden Retriever who motivated Pawtal.

The story of Pawtal

A story as to how Pawtal began, the steps leading to why I started a business involving pets, travel but mostly love.

add, spin & win!

Add your pet stories, pet travel tips and pet-friendly locations with Pawtal and gain access to the Pawtal Lucky Wheel to win prizes including free travel, shipping and Paw Shop discounts.

Every story added unlocks a new spin to win more prizes.

Good Luck! 

coupons can only be claimed once.

excludes pet adventures & pet profiles 

your questions answered

  • How much does Pawtal cost?
    Pawtal is FREE to join.
    A service fee is charged with pet travel dependant on the product you purchase.
  • How do I claim FREE pet travel?
    Obtain your coupon code where directed and enter code at checkout to apply discount. 
    discount applied on checkout


  • How do I connect with other family members?
    Talk with Pawtal family members through our community forum, ‘Talking Pets’. Create discussion topics and talk all things pets!

  • How are pet-friendly services located?
    Pawtal will locate pet-friendly services which are requested from your pawtinerary; eg: location, type of service.

    Activities will automatically match to each destination when located in the same region of travel.
    *pet sitting services are not included within search

  • Can I change a confirmed offer?
    Yes! You can modify a confirmed offer if not paid in full or if dates fall outside 7 days of travel. 
    refer terms for full details

  • How do I keep track of confirmed offers?

    Confirmed services will be saved to your bookings and you can add the details to your calendar.
    The confirmed service will be notified upon confirmation of offer.

  • What happens if something goes wrong?
    On the unlikely chance something goes wrong, update the status of your destination to ‘issue’ and contact Pawtal to assist.

  • How do I contact Pawtal?
    Contact Pawtal at pawmemories@pawtal.com.au or via Paw Chats and the Chat Box.

    Pawtal is available on desktop, tablet & mobile. 

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Paw Stories

Do you have a story to tell about a previous pet travel adventure, a favourite destination you take your pet(s) to or you have learned some new pet travel tips you’d love to share?

Tell us here

Tell us about your favourite parks, restaurants, beaches, walking trails, camp sites.. anything other pet lovers would love to know! 


Note: all new stories will need to be approved by Pawtal before being published.

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