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Planning a journey or caring for your pet at home, Pawtal is your go-to resource. As Australia’s only comprehensive pet travel and home care service, we blend community insights with expert advice to ensure your pet’s happiness, whether on the road or at home.

Our offerings include;

  • Personalised Pet Travel Guides
  • Recommended Walking Trails and Dog Beaches
  • Pet Care Tips and Tricks
  • Pet Activity and Product Recommendations
  • and so much more

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Navigating Australia with your pet just got easier with Pawtal. Your pet travel specialists offer tailored advice and a handpicked selection of pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and activities to eliminate the stress of planning. From pinpointing the best dog parks to arranging specialised pet services, we can help!

Join us in making “paw memories” as we turn 25 years of experience into actionable insights for you. Best of all, our invaluable assistance is completely FREE.

Live, bark, and dream with Pawtal, your resource for a pet-friendly lifestyle. Do you wish to have all your pet needs arranged for you? Find out how we can help… and yes it’s FREE!

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frequently asked questions

  • is Pawtal a free service?

    Pawtal is 100% FREE for pet travellers looking to explore Australia with their pets. We will help you plan your pet adventure to remove the worry and stress of travelling with pets.

  • what is the Pawtal pet community?

    After joining the Pawtal pet community, you can connect with other family members in our Facebook Group, “Pet Adventures Australia“. Ask questions, give and receive advice about great locations to visit along with tips and tricks within Australia.

  • how does Pawtal find me pet-friendly services?

    Pawtal will be notified of your request and start finding you pet-friendly options.

    We research and ask the pet community to find you the best services that meet your destination and pet needs.

  • are pet sitting services included?

    Yes, whilst Pawtal does not service its own pet sitters, we can recommend a 3rd party alternative.

  • does Pawtal use affiliate links?

    Yes! Pawtal researches all 3rd party companies added to provide honest, unbiased opinions. We do receive a small commission that assists with our service, so please factor that into your purchase decision.

  • how long does it take to locate a pet service?

    We aim to find you suitable pet-friendly services in a timely manner however please allow 1-2 days to complete your personalised travel card.

  • how will I receive my located pet services?

    Upon making a service request, you will be provided with a digital travel card containing details each located service and matching pet activities. 

  • how do I contact Pawtal?

    Contact Pawtal at or via the Chat Bot.

    Pawtal is available on desktop, tablet & mobile. 

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A 32-page guide filled with tips on destinations, accommodations, and more to plan your next pet adventure!

what’s inside;

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  • Choosing Destinations
  • Accommodation Insights
  • Travel Modes
  • Exploring Together
  • Managing Challenges