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paw stories

Discover new pet-friendly destinations for your pets and learn some tips from Murray, our cheeky Golden Retriever

Do you have a favourite location you take your pets to or a funny story you would like to share?

Add your stories so you can share the love of pet travel.

read our latest stories and tips...

pet posts

Are dog parks good for dogs?

Dog parks are a popular and safe way to provide exercise and socialise your dog but how do you know if dog parks are good for dogs?

Murray's tips

Golden Retriever shedding

Hair, Hair and more hair! Murray share’s his tips on how we cope with his Golden Retriever shedding all year round to stay hair free!

pet posts

Golden Retriever Puppy, when to adopt?

A broken heart as said no to adopting a Golden Retriever puppy. What led to this decision and the 10 reasons why you should not get a puppy?

Murray's tips

Travelling with pets, Pawtal’s tips

Learn Pawtal’s tips when travelling with pets by car. How to prepare and what to pack to ensure your pets are safe and comfortable.

pet partner specials

Pawtal’s picks of the week!

Pawtal has been busy behind the scenes pairing with some of Australia’s trusted and recognised pet brands. 

These brands have been carefully selected to assist you with all your pets travel needs including;

  • pet experiences
  • pet merchandise
  • pet food
  • pet training
  • vet supplies including medical  

Each month, Pawtal will feature our partner’s advertised sales and promotions to give your furry companions the best care at affordable prices.

Subscribe to Pawtal and receive a FREE pet travel guide.  Stay updated with our latest pet stories, pet-friendly destinations and monthly pet partner specials.

your questions answered

  • is Pawtal a free service?

    Pawtal is 100% FREE for pet travellers and pets.

  • what is the Pawtal pet community?

    After joining the Pawtal pet community, you can connect with other family members in our community forum, “talking pets”. Create discussion topics and share your pet travel experiences.

  • can I communicate directly with other family members?

    In addition to our community forum, you can communicate directly with family members using Paw chats. Compose a new message and search for their name. A notification will be sent to recipient.

  • how do you find me pet-friendly services and activities

    Pawtal will be notified of your request and will commence locating you pet-friendly services based on your pet type and location request.


    Pet-friendly activities will also be automatically matched when located in the same region of travel.
  • can I change a confirmed offer?

    Yes! You can modify a confirmed offer if not paid in full or if dates fall outside 7 days of travel. 
    refer terms for full details

  • will I be able to keep track of confirmed offers?

    Confirmed services will save to your bookings and can be added to your personal calendar.
    The confirmed service will be notified upon confirmation of offer.

  • what happens if something goes wrong?

    On the unlikely chance something may go wrong, update the status of your destination to ‘issue’ and then contact Pawtal to assist.

  • does Pawtal use affiliate links?

    Yes! Pawtal researches all 3rd party companies added to provide honest, unbiased opinions. We do receive a small commission that assists with our service, so please factor that into your purchase decision.

  • are pet sitting services included?

    No, pet sitting is not included as a service however Pawtal is happy to recommend a 3rd party alternative if required.

Paw Stories

Pawtal Pet Stories

Do you have a story to tell about a previous pet travel adventure or a favourite destination you take your pet(s) to that you’d love to share?

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Tell us about your favourite parks, restaurants, beaches, walking trails, camp sites.. anything other pet lovers would love to know! 


Note: all new stories will need to be approved by Pawtal before being published, each gaining access to Pawtal’s prize wheel to spin and win! 

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